Social Media Strategy to become an Authority in a short amount of time.

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Social Media Strategy to become an Authority in a short amount of time.

It doesn't matter if you're starting out or if you're a seasoned veteran when it comes to online marketing of a website.  A strong social media presence is what everyone is looking to have, and no one will tell you they want something negative written about them.  This is why a social media strategy needs to be in place before you ever write your first post or share anything on your pages or profiles. 

Starting in social media marketing might seem like you're just posting to get products in front of people, but that's not everything.  You can post a poll, you can link to a blog post, or you can ask a question to see what everyone's opinion is.  The list goes on, but there are things you need to focus on, and that's what this is all about.

Separate Yourself From The Pack
When you're going to write a post, you will likely think, "What page am I going to link to on my website?" because that's how we all thing.  Instead, you need to break the mold of your niche and do something different.  If all of your competitors are writing about their products, you should do a giveaway and build a following.  I recently launched a website where there is a decent amount of competition, but no one is doing giveaways.  Do you know hat I did first?  YUP!  I did a giveaway and built my following rather quickly!  I gave away products and allowed people to get one entry for liking, to comment, and sharing my giveaway post.  They could get one additional entry for each person they tagged in the comments and an extra entry for every niche related group they shared the post in. 

What happened next?  I reached over 15,000 people without paying for any advertising.  I had close to 250 shares on my post and the products I gave away cost me roughly $25 lol.  My posts now get seen by a few hundred people, no matter when I post them, and I'm getting sales because of this one little thing I've done.

Be Genuine With Your Users
People know when you're real and when you're a businessman.  Be genuine with your followers, answer them directly, and don't worry about throwing an emoji in your response.  I like using emojis because it breaks down the barrier between business and customer.  We can laugh about something while I give them all the answers they need, and they eventually purchase because they have built a relationship with me.

Use Podcasts To Extend Your Reach
People have recently started to use Podcasts to reach more potential customers, and it's working quite well.  If you were to ask me ten years ago if I ever wanted to advertise on an online radio show, I would have laughed at you, but now they're getting some serious attention.

Since Podcasts are still relatively new to the scene, you will have to contact the niche-specific people who run each one and see what they offer in terms of advertising.  Some may gouge you on pricing while others have never provided any advertising and may send you a very low number.  You'll have to contact a few dozen people who run podcasts and get an idea of what sort of pricing you can get per show. 

I would recommend working with the podcasts that have a lower amount of listeners in the beginning because they'll likely be more niche specific.  After you're profiting a bit more, you can start to increase the targeting and pay a higher dollar amount for the more prominent channels.  If you were to start with the biggest podcast, in the beginning, it might not work well because people need to hear about your business a few times before they make a purchasing decision and that means you could go broke before people start to buy from you Social Media Strategy to become an Authority in a short amount of time.

Encourage Users To Share
On all of my posts, I encourage people to share similar experiences or give me a quick review of the product.  I also have my facebook page set up as a community so the users can post their content, within reason, and I'll usually get some additional traffic from user-generated content lol.

If you can leverage your users to share quality content and bring traffic to your social media pages, you can get them to your website quickly and that means more money in your pocket.  I would hope you have some retargeting set up so you can advertise to them as they browse the internet Social Media Strategy to become an Authority in a short amount of time.

In conclusion,
Separating yourself from the pack is the biggest thing you can do.  I did giveaways because no one in my niche was doing them, and it got a lot of attention.  Be unique, do something that breaks the mold, but always stay within reason, so you don't piss off the majority of people in your niche who regularly make purchases lol Social Media Strategy to become an Authority in a short amount of time.

Thanks for reading Social Media Strategy to become an Authority in a short amount of time.

- Tommy


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