How I Can Get My First Sale ?

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How I Can Get My First Sale ?

Hi Anybody Please Tell Me How I Can Get My First Sale On SEOClerk I'm New Here


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Hello, You can marketing your gig on Social Media and 24 Hours active on your account. Then you successful. I hope You understand.

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There are a few ways to boost your sales here, other than paying for featured spots, and I'll go over everything so you're not confused or lost How I Can Get My First Sale ?

Your Service
If you're average or below average when it comes to your service, then you might not get as many sales compared to the top sellers with great skill. I would highly recommend being the best you can be, investing a lot of time, and honing your skills so you're the person people always go-to for what you're selling. From the looks of it, your skills seem to be pretty good so I wouldn't worry too much about this lol.

The formatting of your service is key to keep people interested. If you don't make the service appealing to the eye, people will click away rather quickly, and this is why you need to use the text editor whenever possible to make the content look great. Use some bold titles with underlines and maybe throw a quote or two in there to break up the content and give people mental breaks How I Can Get My First Sale ?

Add testimonial images, example images, or just images that make your service look good. I checked out a couple of your services and you seem to already be doing this, so Good Job How I Can Get My First Sale ?

Start Following Other Sellers
One way to get a boost in your sales over time is to actually follow other sellers. This will give them a notification that you've followed them and sometimes they will come back and follow you. After about a month, if they didn't follow you back, I would unfollow them and follow someone else. You can follow a ton of people, but I would do this gradually because you'll get a lot of notifications if you're following 1,000+ people that are all active. Follow a few hundred and unfollow the people who don't return the follow.

The nice thing about having followers is that you can post a status update and they all will get a notification to their "ALERTS" box How I Can Get My First Sale ? You can post discounts, status updates, BOGO deals, and pretty much anything else you can think of as a sort of promo to get people to come back in.

Social Media
You can browse through groups and see who's asking for specific services and then post a URL to your service in the comments. I wouldn't abuse this much because if someone is asking for backlinks and you publish a link to web design, it's going to be seen as spammy, and that could actually hurt your posting privileges. Just be sure to post your links when someone is asking for what you offer and publish a link to your service that best fits How I Can Get My First Sale ?

Featured Listings
After you get established you can always opt for a featured listing either on the homepage or in a category. A homepage feature is quite expensive, so you will probably want to hold off on that for now, so a category featured spot is probably a better investment at the beginning of your journey here How I Can Get My First Sale ?

A homepage feature is based on a bidding and first come first serve so if you don't have the funds and are first to get the bid in, you're not going to get it. Now, if you're looking to a category feature like I hope you are, you will have a pretty good ROI if your service is set up just right and priced competitively. This is because people will already be looking for what you're selling if they clicked through to the category How I Can Get My First Sale ?

Hope that helps How I Can Get My First Sale ?

- Tommy

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