How to make attractive profile for data entry & virtual assistant work?

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How to make attractive profile for data entry & virtual assistant work?

Hello.. I am very new freelancer in this website.. But not able to complete my profile properly.. Pls help & suggest me that how can i complete my profile so that i will get more work.. My area of work are:- Data Entry, Form Filing work, Online typing, jpeg or pdf to word or excel conversion.


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Hi there,

First off you will need to put up some services that show your skills. I would suggest to put up one service for each of your skills so you can spread them out and possibly share traffic between them. After you have your service up, you'll need to go through and format them to be sure they look great because no one wants to buy from a service that looks like it was slapped together. If you have the funds I would highly suggest a category feature or even a homepage feature to bring in immediate customers and sales.

What to focus on...

Your Services
Set up one service for each of your skills. So do a data entry service, a service for form filling, a typing service (be sure they know this isn't an article writing service), a jpeg to Word or Excel service, and a png to Word or Excel service.

This will give you five services starting off and you will be able to target a few different categories with this skill set. Spreading your skills across multiple categories will bring in customers from all over the marketplace and increase the chances of capturing a sale.

Formatting your descriptions
No one wants to buy from a service provider who hasn't taken the time to make their services look visually appealing. This is why you will need to take some time to format your content so it looks nice. You can use bold, italics, underlines, quotes, and even add images to your descriptions to make them look great.

The better your service looks at a first glance, the better the chances are of selling it, so be sure to take your time on this because it will help you out in the long run.

This is a little trick a lot of top sellers are using to boost their sales because it works pretty well. All you'll have to do is put links in your service description that lead to another service of yours. It's customary to put these links after the service description so your readers/customers don't lose focus on what they might buy. Let them get through the entire service description and let them stumble upon your other services linked at the bottom of the description. They might buy the service and go back to buy your other ones, but you may not get that additional sale if you're not cross-selling How to make attractive profile for data entry & virtual assistant work?

Advertising your services
This is a sure-fire way of boosting your sales because people will see your services immediately. You have to pay to feature your services, and it can get expensive if you want a homepage feature, but it's definitely worth it if you have a few reviews under your belt already.

A homepage feature is on a bidding system, which is why it can get expensive, and that's why I would suggest starting out with a category feature. You will not have as much competition in the category feature, which is why I love them, but you will get slightly less traffic since there aren't as many people browsing through each of the categories one by one.

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