Orders for address verified Level 2 sellers

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Orders for address verified Level 2 sellers

Hello all... Could you please let us know the advantages of verifying address and does address verified sellers get more orders?  We have moved to level 2 and have verified our address as well. Any inputs and suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks


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I think when you verify your account it mainly helps secure your profile. If you've been hacked you can likely get access back to your account since you've verified your address. No one can hack your home address, so I would assume you would get some sort of mailing relatively soon after you report the hack and you could get access back to your account, maybe?

As for the other purpose, people trust verified accounts more and tend to purchase from them with less stress. I don't know the exact numbers, but I would assume you'll capture around 10% or more sales just because you're verified. It may not seem like a lot, but that 10% could actually be 25% or more, but no one has really done a study on this because they would have to be a well known seller who isn't currently verified. They would need to be doing at least 10 sales a day right now and monitor it for 2 months. The first month they would have to track their sales, the ups and downs, then they would need to verify their account and track everything again. The only problem with this is there are dozens of variables that the user can't track directly, the main one being the fluctuation of rankings that send in targeted traffic to this marketplace, and that means the first month could be great for sales when not verified and the second month could be horrible if the rankings had dropped.

Yes, verifying your account is a good thing and shows you're more dedicated to the platform but it's difficult to tell if it really has a positive effect on your sales in the long run Orders for address verified Level 2 sellers

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Thank you very much, Tommy, for sharing your detailed inputs. Appreciate it.

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