How to make money writing content for bloggers and website owners

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How to make money writing content for bloggers and website owners

When people are trying to make money online, they're always told to start a blog and start writing content.  What if you don't have the skills to write content well enough that people will want to engage with?  Well, you bring on a writer that can help you out to achieve your goals, and that's why this discussion is getting written lol.

Now, new bloggers and website owners won't always have the funds to bring on a writer like yourself.  That doesn't mean you shouldn't contact startups or new blogs and websites, they could actually have financial backing and you could easily slide in and write all their content for a premium price!  The only problem when it comes to getting hired as a content writer for a blog or website is that you need examples on your website and 3rd party websites to show your work.  Some people will request a few samples to show your work if you don't have anything to show them online, but this doesn't always happen because they get flooded with writing requests and can cherry pick their writers.

Start some freelancing services
One thing you should always be doing as a writer is to start some freelance writing services on every platform you can find.  This will spread a wide net and get you noticed more than if you were to tell someone at the coffee house you're a writer looking for work lol.

By spreading your net like this, you will be gaining orders from all over the world, and they will likely come back for more if you provide excellent content.

Open your own writing website
A big thing you'll want to do is start your own blog or website dedicated to your writing services so people can see what you're doing.  You won't want to sell your services with a "Buy Now" button, but you'll want to pitch to these people and then have them fill out a contact form that has some additional fields, such as Number of Articles Needed, TimeFrame, One Time Order or Recurring

If you do this, you will look professional, and people will take you more seriously.  I've gotten a few large orders through my own writing website, and they are 10x what I make per order on freelancing marketplaces.  They are far fewer than the orders I get from all the freelancing platforms, but I likely never would have gotten them if I didn't have a dedicated writing website How to make money writing content for bloggers and website owners

Contact blog and website owners
What I like to do is contact local business owners and offer my services to help them out.  I let them know I'm well versed in the English language and I've been writing website content since 2003.  As a cherry on top, I let them know I've also been doing SEO since 2003, and I know what to write to boost their rankings within Google and get them some additional traffic.

I sell them a writing service and to seal the deal I let them know I can help with their traffic and sales lol.

Always over deliver
If you want to be successful as a writer, you need to overdeliver on your orders constantly.  If you do this, you will likely have 70% of your clients coming back for more content when they need it.  If you have them on a monthly retainer, and you're doing work all the time, you probably want to deliver most of the time but not every article over.  They know what they're paying for, so they won't complain if they're getting it exactly a few times a month and the rest are over delivered lol.

Keep over delivering your work and your clients will likely suggest your services to any business owner they come across who isn't a competitor How to make money writing content for bloggers and website owners

In the end
Building up your writing clientele takes time, maybe a year or more, but it's worth it because you tend to learn a lot and make money at the same time.  You will want to charge what your worth, not what you think they can afford to pay, because you will write less content and make more money in the long run.  It's easy to burn out when writing content all of the time, so be sure to profit a decent amount per article, so you don't have to write 25 articles a day lol.

Thanks for reading!

- Tommy Carey


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Blogging or making money websites seems to be no longer strange. Many people have had their own websites and blogs for a long time - the original purpose was to post the stories that I liked, save videos, write diaries, review films, stories, restaurants, record food diary, ph??t diaries, instructions for playing games, graphics, ... everyone has their own knack.

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This isn't about a money making website, it's about an over all service you can provide to bloggers and website owners. You will write their content, get paid well for it, and keep doing it as long as you want until you retire.

It's difficult to build up this type of business because it's extremely slow to get clients that stick around, but if you stick with it you can turn it into a six figure business in a year or so if you know what you're doing.

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