Never decrease ad spending during slow times

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Never decrease ad spending during slow times

Many big companies will slow down on their ad spending when sales are slowing up, and that's not something you should do.  What you should be doing instead is figuring out why your sales dropped in the first place, fix the problem, and keep the ads rolling and pulling in traffic.

It's sad to hear something along the lines of "My sales dropped so I reduced my Adwords spend" because they could have pulled themselves out of that hole if they just kept spending money on their ads.  It's sad to see companies go under, but it's usually due to money management problems, and this could be added in there as one of them I guess lol.

Keep your ad spend the same if you can
If you can manage to keep your ad spend at the same level, even if your sales are down, you will likely be able to boost your sales over time.  Sure, your ROI might not look as pretty, but at least you're placing those retargeting cookies on everyone's computers after they click on your ads ;)

Yes, you should also be retargeting and not slowing that down as well.  The more people you can cookie, the more people you can target, and that means you can push out one time offers to all of those people who previously clicked on your ads.  This means you can push discounts to interested buyers, increase your sales, and pull your sales back up in a short amount of time but you can't do that if you reduce your spending.

Be the top company when the market bounces back
If your sales dropped due to something drastic like your entire niche took a hit, then I hope you can keep pushing funds to your advertising because when your niche bounces back, you will be the authority to go to.  Think about it, if you're still pushing a product or system after it takes a hit, you'll likely have less competition and get all those sales that could have gone to your competitors who aren't advertising anymore!

If your niche stays down for too long you might need to switch gears, but stuff usually bounces back after a little bit of evolving, so be sure to stick with it unless you're going bankrupt lol.

Sales drop all the time, but you shouldn't stop spending
I usually know sales for a few of my websites will drop around the weekends and on holidays.  It's like clockwork, and I know when to prepare for a drop in sales, but sometimes it goes down so low I want to stop spending money on ads, but I can't because I know I'll make more in the long term if I keep them going.  I'll get the clicks, have the cookies going out, and retarget these people after the holidays or during the week when they're more likely to purchase from me.

If you can predict when your sales are going to drop you will be less stressed in the long run, know when to push money into different advertising like retargeting and funnel those people back to your website for a purchase Never decrease ad spending during slow times

In the end,
You never want to stop your ad spending because sales dropped.  You may want to evolve your tactics and funnel your money into different areas like retargeting, but that's a normal thing to do to bring people back into your site!  Keep the funds flowing into ads if you can without going bankrupt and watch your sales slowly grow over time Never decrease ad spending during slow times

Thanks for reading!

- Tommy Carey


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