Help the elderly get tech-savvy and selling online

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Help the elderly get tech-savvy and selling online

We all know that people over 50 aren't always the savviest when it comes to setting up websites and selling online.  This is because they didn't grow up with all this advanced technology as we did, but that shouldn't stop them from selling just like us online.

With the way the world is going, you will want to have a passive income stream going on even if you're retired because the value of a dollar might not be all that good when we retire!  Think of all the retired people that have to go back to work because their savings don't hold as much weight as they did when their parents retired, is this starting to make sense now?  You're going to be helping your parents, grandparents, people at an assisted living community, or just a friend of yours how may be older and not very tech savvy!  You're going to help them get online, get a website up and running, and help them sell something so they can have a better nest egg in case something goes south, and they need more money.

Typically, you'll help your parents with this if they're older because it will help out the entire family.  It helps everyone because I'm sure your parents will save their money and spend it on your kids (if you have any) or they will hold onto it for a rainy day.  Since you're their child, this means your rainy days are theirs, even if you don't see it like that.  Your parents will usually help you with everything they can if it's within their power, and if you've helped them build an income stream online, then they will be able to help lol.

Now then, what you'll have to do is get an idea of what they like doing if you don't already know lol.  Figure out their hobbies, what they're passionate about, or just something they like reading about and run with it.  You'll need to do proper keyword research and see if the market wants what your parents can sell online, but that's not too difficult since you're already here and understand what SEO is lol

Let's say your parents are interested in Trains because they worked for the railroad for 40+ years.  Ok, this niche isn't supersaturated with stuff so you'll have to get a better understanding of what to sell.  Do your parents make railroad stuff like pins, shirts, drawings, or any crafts?  Well, you can likely sell all of that online!

For Pins, drawings, and crafts, you will likely want to list them on Etsy and see how they do.  The beautiful thing about illustrations is that you can sell prints and keep the original, which is a revenue stream I wish I could tap into lol.  Pins and other crafts will not be as easy because you can't just copy the work on a printer, so these will likely need some additional work, but that's not a problem if they're selling!

For shirts, you'll want to list them on the various marketplaces out there like Amazon and see what happens.  You'll need to optimize these listings for better search results within the marketplace, but that's not too difficult so be sure to do it as you're listing, so you don't have to go back and do it over.

You will also want to set up a website so your parents can sell directly to the consumer.  You'll make more money from each sale through your website because you're not giving up a commission, but you will likely have fewer sales because you don't have the trust yet.  Over time you will gain trust and authority, then the people will keep coming back and purchasing from you.

You can take it one step further and ask people within your niche what they're looking for, and you can make it for them!  This is something not many people are doing, but I have seen it in custom woodworking sign creations, and those people are making a killing by taking suggestions and selling unique creations for 4x what their usual creations are going for!

In the end,
You'll have to hold your parent's hands, or your grandparents, throughout the entire process and get them selling online.  You'll need to help them out with their orders for the first couple dozen times before they get the hang of it, but after they know what they're doing, you will have to manage their site and make sure their hosting stays up lol.  You can help your parents make additional revenue online as long as you are willing to dedicate your time to it and be there for them since they're likely not too tech savvy Help the elderly get tech-savvy and selling online

Thanks for reading!

- Tommy Carey


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Great Read. Thanks

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