Set up Wordpress websites for local business and profit

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Set up Wordpress websites for local business and profit

There are loads of businesses in your area that have horrible looking websites that are losing them money because their visitors subconsciously hate the design.  Well, this is where you swoop in and tell the business owners that their sites aren't great and your designs could boost their sales almost overnight. 

Yes, you can boost sales overnight by changing the design of a website.  Think about it, if you landed on a website that looks like it was designed in 1997 do you think you'd buy anything off of it or contact them for a service?  Probably not, and this is because a fresh design will show you the company is up to date with trends and will likely be more professional since they have a great look online.

Below are some things to think about if you want to start getting into this type of money making model.  You could do this part-time or turn it into a full business; it just depends on how much time you want to invest in it.

Theme companies with Unlimited Usage Licenses
There are plenty of companies out there that allow you to pay a yearly fee, or even a one-time lifetime fee, to use their designs an unlimited amount of times.  You can edit these designs, or leave them how they are, but you need to be sure you get something that has an unlimited license usage to save money in the long run.

Theme Bundles With Unlimited Usage

  • - $89 per year or $149 for Lifetime access
  • - $89 per year or $202 for Lifetime access
  • - $99 per year or $199 for Lifetime access
  • - $99 per year or $249 for Lifetime access
  • - $99 per year or $299 for Lifetime access
  • - $85 per year (No Lifetime Access Option)
  • - (No yearly option) $249 for Lifetime access

Now, you don't have to use any lifetime access option or even the yearly licensing for unlimited usage.  You could go the route where you purchase a new theme for every business and edit it to make it more custom.  It will cost you more to keep buying themes, but it won't matter too much if you're charging $500+ for a "Design," but if you like saving money and increasing your profits, then you'll likely go the unlimited usage route lol.

Finding local businesses
There are loads of directories for towns that show every business within them.  You can even go to your chamber of commerce website and find a lot of websites listed.  Sift through all the URLs and see what sites are in dire need of a refresh.  After you get a list of 50 or so websites that need your help, start sending out emails, but don't get too pushy with your pitch.  A simple "We offer web design at a lower price than our competitors because we're local and looking to build up our portfolio.  We noticed your website could use a few modifications to help it be the best it can, which is why we're contacting you" then add your contact info and mention that you're excited to talk with them.

You can also use an automated service that will scrape directories, and even the search engines, be sure you're able to contact these websites quickly and you're not wasting your time with the services that scrape absolutely everything.

Hosting the new websites
You can use hosting as an upsell, or if you run your servers, you can add it in for free to anyone that purchases a design from you.  Every website needs air just like how we need oxygen lol.  A lot of business owners don't know how to set up their hosting, transfer their domains, set up an SSL, and this is where you can get even more upsells happening to increase your profits.

Copy and Paste if possible
Save all of your designs and reuse them if possible.  If you have the unlimited usage themes, then you can easily do this and drastically reduce the time it takes to churn out websites.  You can save your designs in subfolders and show them as examples to potential buyers.  If you have enough examples to show off, then you'll likely get people just wanting something similar to what you've already done, which is an easy download and upload to their servers lol.

In the end,
Helping people who don't know what they're doing is why freelancers make money in the first place.  Someone doesn't know what to do, they hire a freelancer to get the job done, and this is just one of those things that haven't been oversaturated because it takes a decent amount of work before you start to profit.  If you stick with this, you can get 10+ customers a month, and you'll even begin increasing that number if you get referrals Set up Wordpress websites for local business and profit

Thanks for reading Set up Wordpress websites for local business and profit

- Tommy Carey


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Boosting sales with local SEO as well on google..

- Kioko Media.

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Hi Tommy,

Thanks for writing this awesome post. You have shared some of the great wordpress themes option. You may need a good hosting dedicated to wordpress.

Bonnie Dyke.

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