How to use Adwords to build an email list

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How to use Adwords to build an email list

A lot of people are using Adwords to sell products, but not many people are using it to build their email lists.  I've been doing this for years and never realized that many of us are not, which is why this discussion is being created today!

For each of my lists I will usually set up one or two websites to capture emails, but they won't look like an email capture page, they will be full-fledged websites or blogs that people can contact me through.  You can't run a splash page or email capture page because Google will never approve your ads, so get to work and start setting up legitimate websites!

Have a legitimate website
I touched on this slightly above, but it's true, and you need to set up a blog or website that is legitimate.  You need a real phone number on there, an actual address, and have a contact us page where people can fill out a form to email you.  You will also want to add some subpages, a blog, an about us page, some static pages, service pages, etc. so you seem more legitimate.

One thing I noticed is that you don't need to add a lot of content regularly because they already see you as a legitimate website and they're happy to keep taking your money even if it looks like your website or blog has been abandoned.  As long as they can keep charging you, they will send the traffic, and you will keep capturing emails lol.

Set up a MailChimp account
You can go with any email capture and marketing software or 3rd party that you prefer; I say MailChimp because it's what I'm familiar with and what I prefer.

After you link your account to your email capture form, you need to add this form to the sidebar of your website, and you will want it to pop up as an exit intent promo.  You can download some plugins or scripts that allow you to set a timer to trigger a popup, but an exit intent usually works well enough.  Just be sure to test this out and see what works best for your niche since every one of them is different.

Sell products but offer something for free
To look as legitimate as possible, you will need to sell something and then give away something small for free.  This is where the email capture works so well because you'll be giving away something for free if the user adds their name and email address.

If you're selling something on your website you will look like a full-fledged business and Google will love you.  It doesn't matter if your website is optimized, you will be in good standings with Google, and they will place your website right at the top of the results so you can get all that sweet traffic.

You don't always have to sell something, but it looks better if you do lol.

Set up an Adwords campaign (duh!)
None of this works unless you're setting up an Adwords campaign, or another PPC campaign because you're building a list through PPC methods. 

Adwords usually takes around 24 hours to approve your campaign so be patient.  After you're approved, you can start watching the traffic come in, optimize your campaigns, add more keywords, and split test everything for the best CTR and boosting your conversion rates as much as possible.

Have every customer added to your email list
Just like an email capture, you can have your buyers added to your email list on MailChimp, and they will gladly stay subscribed.  You will still need to have them opt-in, but they likely will because they already like you, so add them and see what happens!

In conclusion
It doesn't matter what your niche is, this method will work, and you can boost your lists quickly as long as you have the funds to keep it going.  You need to stay on top of this and keep the emails going out so you can keep people coming back in.  If you're capturing the user's emails and not sending anything to their inboxes, you're just wasting your own time and money, so please stick with this and bring people back!

Thanks for reading How to use Adwords to build an email list

- Tommy Carey


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I never thought of using adwords for email capture, Good advice. Thanks

- Kioko Media.

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