Local Freelancer or Large Agency - Which should you hire?

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Local Freelancer or Large Agency - Which should you hire?

People always go back and forth when it comes to hiring a freelancer or going with a big established agency to do the work.  It doesn't matter if you need web design, SEO, online marketing, PPC management, etc. you will be able to find freelancers and agencies to do the work, but which do you go with and why?

Most people will say to go with the more prominent agencies because they're more established and have more work experience, but why cut out freelancers that have the same awards?  It's really up to you to figure out what you want to work with, and this discussion should help you make that decision.

Local Freelancers
You can find plenty of local freelancers, or freelancers here, that can quickly get the job done as efficiently as a big agency.

Professional but flakey at times
One downside of hiring a freelancer is that they tend to not work well with deadlines.  I've utilized loads of freelancers over the years because it's my preferred source of experts, but I've only found a dozen or so workers that get the job done on time and go above and beyond the work ordered.

Freelancers can be flakey at times because they take on a lot of work and can't always complete it in time.  Some of them also have the idea they can work when they want and get the job done without worrying about your timelines.

Usually cheaper than an Agency
A great thing about a freelancer is that they tend to be much less expensive than an agency.  This is because a freelancer doesn't add in fees to use home internet, pay taxes, and various other small charges that a more prominent agency will likely add into your bill, but you don't see it.

Easy to get in contact with
A great freelancer will give you various methods to contact them, not just a contact form on their website or business phone number to call, and this is one reason people love working with freelancers.  Local freelancers tend to be extremely easy to contact since you're both in the same time zones and there's no long distance calling, which makes them pick up their phones more often lol.

They're their own boss
A freelancer will usually be their own boss even if they work for a company.  They will do freelance work at night or on the side to make extra cash, and this is because they likely want to start their own company.  You will be paying them as a freelancer, building a relationship with them, and if they do convert into a company then you'll have their direct contact info, and they will likely treat you exceptionally well and give you some additional work at no extra charge!

Large Agency
More prominent agencies that employ groups of people to do the work for you will usually be the right choice, but it's really up to you, in the end, to make the judgment call.

Large agencies tend to be more professional because they're established and can't afford to get a bad review online.  They will do whatever they can to please you, to get a positive review online, but they also have their limits and won't give out free work (so don't ask for some lol).

Tend to be more organized
Larger agencies tend to be more organized than freelancers because they usually have more work experience and need to get everything in order.  Think about it, if they were organized, they probably wouldn't get noticed as much, and you probably wouldn't have chosen them to do your work in the first place.  

Usually more expensive than a freelancer
A downside of using a more prominent agency is that they tend to be more costly due to having more employees, an office, taxes, bills, and various other things that need to be paid before they profit.  It's not fun to think of this, but an agency needs to charge more because they have to pay more each month just to run their business.

Sometimes difficult to talk with
I've worked with plenty of agencies in the past, and some of them were difficult to speak with.  I would have an account manager that I could email, but who wants to wait for a response when the situation is urgent?  If you do choose to go with an agency, be sure to get them on the phone a couple of times before you sign up because this will show you how well they respond.

In the end,
It's really up to you and your budget when you decide to go with a freelancer or big agency.  If you can afford an agency to do all your work, then go for it because you won't have to micromanage anything.  If you prefer working with a team of freelancers that you put together and don't mind micromanaging everything, then take this route and save some cash along the way.

Thanks for reading Local Freelancer or Large Agency - Which should you hire?

Tommy Carey


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When I hire freelancers..their reviews is what sways me..

- Kioko Media.

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