Regular vs. Local SEO - How Do They Differ?

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Regular vs. Local SEO - How Do They Differ?

I've been in this game for a while now and defiantly know the ropes but as you all know there's always something new to learn. I find myself working with a client who needs some strong local SEO done, which isn't something I have messed with yet... My question is how does local SEO differ from regular SEO, and what resources should I peruse in researching this aspect of the field. White hat only please.

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I am from Bangladesh. With my country google extension is: So My website will play 2 role in Google search engines. One for international like and another for When my website show a good position in local search engines than I cna say that good for local search engines.


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When it comes to country I think the extension of the website address dictates if it is international or not. But when doing a search I don’t think that the search engines will bother with the extension so it wouldn’t matter if the site is from Asia or America because the treatment of search engines is just the same. But with SEO I guess there is a big advantage if your work on the local side instead of the international.

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