Beginner Level freelancing at SEOClerck

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Beginner Level freelancing at SEOClerck

How to start Selling at SEO clerk? And what should I do for better selling? 


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Hey Imtarar,

Starting to sell on SEOclerks is easy since you're already approved to buy and sell after registration Beginner Level freelancing at SEOClerck

To sell you just need to go to SELLER --> Sell --> Sell a Service
Beginner Level freelancing at SEOClerck

You can also just click HERE and it will open a new service submission form if you're already logged in Beginner Level freelancing at SEOClerck

After that, you will now need to add some information in a few fields, and they are:

  • Service Title
    This is what people will see before they click on your service. Make sure it's enticing and not click bait.
  • Price
    Be sure to see what other people are selling similar services for. If you're 2x or 3x as expensive you won't generate any sales with a new account. You'll need to bite the bullet and sell for cheap at first so people can purchase and leave positive reviews. After you get 5 or 10 positive reviews you can then increase your pricing to what your service is actually worth.
  • Description
    This is where people will decide to purchase or they will leave the page and look for something else. If you're not optimizing your description and pitching your services, you're losing. Take your time here and be sure to give as much info as possible in order to show someone you're the best person for the job.
  • Instructions to Buyer
    This is the section that will be shown to the buyer after they purchase. If you were selling a backlink service, this is where you would add what info you need from them, such as a URL, keywords, etc. This is the information you will need in order to complete the work that was purchased. This isn't publicly viewable, it will only be seen by customers who purchased from you.
  • Category
    This is the category your service will show up in. Get as targeted as possible so you can get the best traffic possible from this platform. If you're a web design company and you post in the article writing category you won't get targeted traffic and that means fewer sales. The categories you choose will also come into play later on if you decide to do a category feature for the month in order to be seen at the top of the category for 30 days Beginner Level freelancing at SEOClerck
  • Tags
    This is where you can basically put your keywords for a better chance of showing up in the search results. Add a few and hopefully you get some sales due to people just searching Beginner Level freelancing at SEOClerck
  • Maximum Days To Complete
    This is how many days it will take to complete your service. I like to add a few more days than what I think it would take just in case I run into problems. If I think it will take 4 days to complete, I'll add 7 days into this field, and my customers are super happy if I finish before the 7-day mark.
  • Upload Some Images
    The first image is what will be seen as your thumbnail in the results, so choose it wisely. The other images you add will show up as a carousel and people can look at them when they get to your service.
  • Edit Image Location
    You can choose where the images show up on your service. I suggest centering them so they show up larger and help sell before someone reads your content. You can set them off to the right if you want, but an image speaks 1,000 words so I like to add them up front and center lol.
  • Check a few different options (quick delivery, add extras, offer a guarantee, etc.)
    This is where you can really customize your services. You can add various things such as a quicker delivery, add some extras that cost more money at checkout, and offer a guarantee so if you don't finish in a certain amount of time you will refund the buyer. I highly suggest going through these and adding some because they will definitely help you boost your sales.
  • Add a custom affiliate commission
    Affiliates love making more money, so if you offer them more commission for each sale they will definitely push your services more than others. Think about it, if I told you one service would make you $10 but a similar one could make you $25 per sale, you'd likely go for the higher payout right? Well, that's what affiliates do and they will come to your service and push it more if they make a bigger commission Beginner Level freelancing at SEOClerck

Submit your new service and see what happens Beginner Level freelancing at SEOClerck

NOTE: You need to make sure your service is detailed. Add plenty of samples, images, format the text, etc. and be sure it looks great in order to generate more sales!

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