How can I Boost my service sell

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How can I Boost my service sell

I am a member in seoclerks for 6 month. I have sold services, but now I can't sell my service. How can I sell my service easily and Boost my service easily. What are the rules and conditions....

How can I success in seoclerks market


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Boosting your services is pretty easy to do.

Go to SELLER --> Manage --> Services and you will see all of your services.
You can also just click HERE and go directly to that page.

When you land on that page you will see little links under each of your services. They will be Edit, Feature, Category Feature, Highlight, and Bump.

You'll likely want the Feature or Category Feature option since those will get you the most views in a 31 day period. Your service will be on the homepage or at the top of your category for the entire time, which will definitely help you be seen How can I Boost my service sell

The homepage feature is now on a bidding system, so the highest bidder will win these spots, so I would recommend going after the category feature if you don't have the funds to go after a homepage listing.

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Sharing with friends is one of the least effective ways to promote your gig and boost your gig regularly

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