Audio and YouTube videos

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Audio and YouTube videos

Does anyone use a music remix program on your audio so YouTube won't flag your videos? Every time I try to have audio music playing they always flag my videos and I can't get them published. Even a program to remix to an 8-bit midi is fine.


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Are you uploading music that is trademarked, copyrighted, protected, or illegal to use by anyone other than the owner?

I'm going to assume you are since you're trying to remix the music so it can still be used Audio and YouTube videos The sad thing is that you'll likely keep getting flagged because Google isn't that dumb. They also don't want to be sued and that's why your videos keep getting flagged immediately.

One thing I've seen work is if you were to give immediate credit to the band and then linked to their sales page. This only works a fraction of the time since most people will not want you to use their hard work without paying for it up front.

I would suggest using royalty free music with your videos so you don't have to worry about getting anything flagged and taken down. Your account probably sends YouTube a notification every time you upload and it basically says "Check this video for trademark infringement" and then someone manually uploads the file to some sort of infringement software and it spits out a result of "OK" or "Not OK" lol. Well, that's a basic way of how it works, but you get the idea lol. There are plenty of Royalty free music sites you can check out if you just do a simple Google search. I found BenSound right away and they offer a free account to download royalty free music as long as you give credit or you can upgrade to $139 a year.

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