Content design is a big factor when trying to increase engagement

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Content design is a big factor when trying to increase engagement

Many times I've come across people posting great content on their websites/blogs, and it falls short of their expectations.  The main reason it fails is because of the way the content is designed and formatted isn't there, and people tend to click away after the first sentence or two.  Writing compelling content isn't enough anymore; you need to format and design the content in a way that draws people down the page and keeps them engaged.

It doesn't matter where your content is, it could be for one of the services you're selling here, if it falls short of just being decent then you're not going to do well.  Look through some of the best sellers here and see what they're doing, I'll wait...   Not really, this is an article, and I can't judge your timing lol.  Well, the top sellers are adding images, using bold/italics/underline, and doing pretty much anything they can to keep people engaged and wanting to sign up for the service being sold.

If your blog post or service page is just a wall of content or lacking in any way, you won't be as successful as you could be.

3 Things to do when it comes to content design

Take Your Time!
You won't be getting 1,000 new visitors a day from your brand new blog post, so take your time making it look good.  This means you need to go through it with a fine-toothed comb and edit any grammar or spelling mistakes, so you don't look dumb.  You need to put quoted sections in actual quotes; you need to use different fonts; you need to use bold/italics/underline when needed. 

You won't be able to write up an article and publish it within an hour.  It should take you all day to go through it because you want it to be the best.  It takes time to edit a 2,000+ word article, yes I said 2k or more words, and if that scares you, then you're likely not cut out for blogging or selling a service online. 

If you take your time, you can get 30+ articles a month on your website or blog and pull in an enormous amount of traffic simply because of the way you edited everything to increase engagement Content design is a big factor when trying to increase engagement

Use Custom Images
You can use stock images if you want, but you better be damn sure they are good ones and not something you paid$0.10 for lol.  If you know basic photo editing, then you can make plenty of amazing images for your blog posts.  Remember when I said a blog post could take you all day?  No?  Well, it can take you all day, and that's mainly because of the custom images getting made for each post lol.

You don't have to use photoshop to make amazing images; you can use something like GIMP for free.  There's a bit of a learning curve to any image editing software, but that's pretty common, so be sure not to get frustrated if you aren't getting the images perfect the first time.  You can always go back and change out the images with new ones when your skills improve Content design is a big factor when trying to increase engagement

Use Short Paragraphs
In school, we're taught that a paragraph is around five sentences long.  That's not how an engaging blog post works because people simply don't have the attention span to read five sentences without a break.  It's sad but true, and this is why you need to stick to the two or three sentence paragraphs.  Don't make them any longer than that and you will see that people tend to stick on your pages longer than before when you have long run on paragraphs Content design is a big factor when trying to increase engagement

Have you made it this far in my discussion?  Have you noticed that I'm not going over a few sentences in each section?  There's a reason for this! Lol Content design is a big factor when trying to increase engagement

In the end, you'll need to have a well-written piece of work that is longer than your competitors and is visually pleasing.  No one wants to land on a page because they clicked an amazing title and then see a wall of text.  The number of times people click off of your website right away will far outweigh the time's people will read the entire post.  Instead, have a visually appealing article that was designed well, and the grammar and spelling is on point.  A well-designed article with perfect grammar and spelling will always outperform an article that looks like it's from a directory.  Take your time and watch your success grow over time Content design is a big factor when trying to increase engagement




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