Email Marketing Platform Survey

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Email Marketing Platform Survey

I am a student working on a group project regarding email marketing campaign platforms. Our goal is to understand how people use these campaigns as part of an effort to improve them.

It would be wonderful if you could complete a survey we've created. It will only take a few minutes of your time!


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Hey James,

Post the survey as a new discussion and I'll gladly add my answers in as comments Email Marketing Platform Survey

As for the email marketing campaign platforms, which ones are we talking about? I assume something like MailChimp and constant contact, right?

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This is a place where someone would take a bot or a lot of people and put them to work. If you want surveys don't you have a demographic? If you want a lot of worthless information in this worthless survey platform for you to come-up with a worthless conclusion why?

If you want to make Surveys, make surveys. If people don't want to take your surveys, you made bad surveys.

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