What do you think about Inbound Marketing?

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What do you think about Inbound Marketing?

A. Define Content Marketing Needs based on each journey for the buyer persona

1. Channels

1. Blog

2. Social Media

3. Newsletters / Email Marketing

4. Industry Forums and communities

2. Premium Content

3. External content

1. 3rd parties on our pages

2. Our content on others’ pages

4. Paid Advertising

5. SEO

B. Develop Lead generation strategy

1. Identify Marketing triggers

2. Design lead nurturing process.

3. Develop specific content strategy per persona journey

C. Create a conversion focused blogging strategy.

D. Implement & Align infrastructure & business processes.

1. Marketing Automation

2. CRM

3. CMS

E. Set Inbound Marketing Goals

1. Leads

2. MQLs

3. SQLs

4. Sales Revenue

F. Review & adjust buyer personas & customer journeys.


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