SEO in 2019: What you should focus on and why

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SEO in 2019: What you should focus on and why

SEO in 2019 is only going to evolve and this means you'll need to change some things if you aren't already doing them.  You'll need to focus on high quality, and I mean really focus because Google actually just launched an algorithm change which focuses on websites "Being Better".  A decade ago you could run some SEO software to get millions of backlinks, use article spinners to generate your content, and you might rank for some difficult keywords over time.  In today's version of the search engines, these methods will only get you blacklisted from the SERPs due to all the low-quality stuff being built for your website and you did nothing about it.

SEO to be focused on in 2019

Quality Content
You'll need to write up amazing long-form content, or hire a freelancer here, in order to compete for difficult keywords in the SERPs against your competitors.  If you're not putting great content on your website, you need to start, because it's one of the best ways to get ranked for low competition keywords.  You could literally target a low competition keyword, publish an article dedicated to it, and be ranked the next day if that newly created page was indexed.  More difficult keywords obviously take longer to rank for and a bit more work, but the procedure is always the same.  Publish great content, get it seen, build some backlinks, and rank over time SEO in 2019:  What you should focus on and why

Better Backlinks
Now you can't just go out and build 1,000 profile backlinks and rank for a keyword.  You need to focus on branding your website more often and you will gain authority over time.  Build backlinks, brand your domain, and focus on your visitors to show Google you're not just doing something for better rankings.  If you can please the masses and be the authority you know you are, you will rank over time and likely stick to the top of the SERPs for a long time if you're diligent and stick with it.

You're pretty much required to have an SSL (secured socket layer) on your website since Google gives priority to the sites that have them.  You may not even sell anything, you should put an SSL on your domain, and you will likely notice it's getting easier to rank for keywords around the world.  It may not be easy to rank for your short and higher difficulty keywords but it will definitely help over time. 

Responsive Design
Just like the SSL, you'll need your website to be responsive in order to rank better since Google is giving priority to those sites that are doing this.  Why does it matter if your website is mobile friendly?  Well, Google has said that nearly half of their traffic is now coming from mobile devices and they want their visitors to have the best experience possible, so they show these people responsive websites more than the old method of website design because it's just better user experience.  Think about it, would you want to browse around Google from your phone and land on a dozen websites that required you to pinch and pull on your screen to read a simple paragraph?  NOPE!  You would want to just scroll down the page and read it easily and this is why Google likes responsive designs a little better now.

In the end, there are many things you can do in order to boost your SEO in 2019 but the top 4 are what you should definitely have.  A responsive design with an SSL that contains high-quality content and has great backlinks pointing at it will always outrank the people who are trying to cut corners and use ranking techniques designed for websites 10 years ago.  Focus on quality, trust, and authority to boost your rankings in 2019 while not cutting corners and you will be glad you did SEO in 2019:  What you should focus on and why




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Responsive design is becoming even more important as time goes on. Not just about looking good on cell phones anymore. There are so many different devices that if you are not responsive, it will hurt your userbase as well as rankings.

And, content is always king!

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That is true, it's not just a phone anymore. Now you have tablets and other sources that your website needs to look great on and if you're not approaching your design concept with responsive pages in mind, you're just going to have to start over or fix a lot of stuff when you realize your pages aren't ranking as well as they should be lol SEO in 2019:  What you should focus on and why

And yes, content is king SEO in 2019:  What you should focus on and why Write up quality content and get a few high quality links to is then watch your rankings soar. Too many people are looking for shortcuts and just build 1,000,000 profile backlinks to an article that was spun and they expect top rankings for extremely competitive keywords SEO in 2019:  What you should focus on and why

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Yes, responsive design is also important for "Mobile First Indexing" by Google. I believe that other websites would be completely eliminated from Google

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Nice Post.But I think, Voice Search & Chatbots also importent.More Information visit my new blog

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I focus on topic popularity. The actual topic should have a practical implementation. I like working with live clients in real-time. This gives the result here and now. I recently drew attention to educational content which is at the top of popularity in Europe and the USA. Students are active users who have clear requirements and tasks. It stimulates me to work in this niche.

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