How to increase your account level quicker than other freelancers

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How to increase your account level quicker than other freelancers

I always get messaged by people who see that I'm level X3 and they ask how they can increase their level quickly.  Well, there is not really a quick way to boost your level in a short amount of time, you need to do it gradually and be a great seller overall.  If you solely want to boost your rankings to increase your sales, you won't have a great journey ahead of you, and that's because you're always going to be chasing the next level.  Instead, you should be focusing on the people who are buying from you and provide them with the best possible job you're capable of.

If you're having problems ranking up, it's likely because you're not selling enough, since that's one of the key components that come into getting to level 2+.  In this discussion, I'll go over a few things you should consider if you want to level up your account as quickly as possible, and those things are...

Pricing your services to gain sales
Everyone wants to get rich online but not many people want to grind out a mindless amount of orders to do so.  Well, the people who are grinding out those orders are likely the ones who are X3 or higher and have countless customers that come back for more work to be done.

Why am I talking about grinding out orders and not pricing?  That's because you need to price your services lower than all of your competitors if you're just starting out.  Price your services lower and people will take a chance on you, then you do the work, and this is where you start to get your wave of repeat clientele!  By pricing your services lower than your competitors you're going to bring in more people than you could if you priced it normally.  Think about it, if you were a writer and priced one article at $20 you might get a few sales, but you would get 10x as many if you priced it at just $5 and busted your butt on the content.

Get a few dozen orders under your belt and then start to gradually increase your pricing.  You will notice that your dedicated customers will stick around because they love your work and don't mind paying a few extra dollars for it.

Advertising your services to get seen more
There are plenty of options to boost your services and get more people to see it.  You can do a homepage feature which is tough to get since they are limited, but you will get a massive amount of sales since you're on the homepage.  You can do a category feature, which is what I suggest since they aren't all saturated, and get more sales coming in so you can get more return clients.  You can also do bumps on your services in order to pop up at the top of your category, and these can be free if you want them to be!

Advertise an affiliate URL that aims at your own service, you won't get the affiliate sale, but you will get your own sales increased while not losing your visitors to another freelancer lol.  Think about it, you advertise an affiliate URL and they traffic you send in buys everyone else's services except yours but you still make some money and get credit towards your level ranking up since you need affiliate sales to do so! 

Offering discounts to repeat customers
Offer some of your dedicated buyer's exclusive discounts via coupons.  You can apply on SEOclerks to get access to coupons, generate a few for your clients, then hand them out to specific buyers and watch your sales increase even more How to increase your account level quicker than other freelancers

Coupons are more than a discount, they're a little token of appreciation that buyers like to see.  Since you can customize your coupons, you can have them say "ThanksJohn" and replace "John" with the username of the buyer.  Your customers will love this, remember their coupons, and come back to purchase from you.

Over-delivering and getting great reviews
One of the easiest ways to get positive reviews is to do a great job.  Another way to almost guarantee a positive review is to do a great job AND over deliver what was agreed upon.  I can't tell you how many times a buyer has ordered X amount of high-quality backlinks or 500 words articles and I've doubled the amount they purchased.  They are super happy with the work and always come back for more.  I actually have people PM me here asking when my writing services will be available again because they want my content lol.  I actually reactivated my services because I was getting so many PMs lol.

In the end
All you have to do to increase your level is to be a great seller, service provider, and communicate with your buyers.  Be sure to collect all the necessary info before starting and be sure the work is amazing as well as over delivered if possible.  If you can do that, your level will increase over time, and you will be a staff selected seller making millions of dollars each day!  Well, you won't make millions, but we can all hope for that lol.




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