Hi guys, I am Cassie, newbie here!

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Hi guys, I am Cassie, newbie here!

Hello all, I am Cassie just arrived here!

Nice to meet you all!!!

May I know what's your business going well recently? I will graduate from university this July. And I am so interested in the affiliate marketing which I heard that supers can make 10k US dollars everyday. Do you have any experience in monetizing your traffic in-app or web or mediabuy? 


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Hey Cassie,

In reality, you can make any business pull in a lot of cash, but it takes a lot of time and dedication before you really start to hit 10k a month. It took me years before I saw my first 10k a month payout, and it was a tough road to get there along with many failed websites. I do affiliate marketing and I will tell you now that only super affiliates, the ones who really know what they're doing, are making 10k or more each month. It's a tough business to get into, but it can pay off well if you can think a little differently than the competition, so don't expect to be a millionaire after your first year.

I would suggest affiliate marketing just to get your feet wet, but you can make so much more developing your own systems or services and selling that to the masses. It's a lot more work, but it's a lot more money coming in too Hi guys, I am Cassie, newbie here!

- Tommy

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I sell software here and do very well.. You can look at my profile. I also have affiliate program here which does well too.. It is a good way to start.

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Hi guys!

I totally agree with Tom. There is no easy money in any business, there is always a lot of hard work, commitment, dedication throughout one's rough path to reach the heights.

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