How Much Can A Newbie Make On A Product Launch?

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How Much Can A Newbie Make On A Product Launch?

Hello fellow freelancers & product creators.

Today I'll share some insights and details with you from one of my previous product launches. - I know there's tons of newbies, rookies and even veteran freelancers out there who've never had the "balls" to launch their product, or people who feels that they doesn't have enough experience to launch their products.. - Today, I will share my perspective.

First of all, I was not a rookie or a newbie when I launched this product.. - But, I launched this as I would've been a rookie with slim to none knowledge. - And you obviously wonder why I would do something stupid like that, right? - My answer is, because I am that kind of person. - Money is and always will be important, but money is not the main reason I freelance. - I have always had thoughts of helping others and that's what I've been doing during my years online. I want to help others reach their own success. - That's why I did this.

So let's begin.

This is from JVZoo.
How Much Can A Newbie Make On A Product Launch?

And this is from Warriorplus.

How Much Can A Newbie Make On A Product Launch?

  • Why JVZoo and W+?

- With a few searches on warriorforum, in the special offers section, you'll see that most of the sellers there are using either JVZoo, W+ or both. - That's why.
  • What did I do prior to the launch?

- I created the sales copy and came up with some fancy words, which I thought could potentially be convincing enough to rake in sales.
  • What did I do after the launch?

- I shared the url to the sales thread on social media.
  • Where did I launch it?

- On Warriorforum.

As you can see, I made ~$1,100 from this product launch. However, I probably spent about 6 or 7 weeks, almost full time, writing and doing all the necessary things for the product to be finished.

- That's about 300 hours of something like that. That's basically $3,6 per hour.

That being said, $3,6 per hour is nothing, but it's almost 100% passive income from the time you launch the product. - Just imagine to have 2, 5 or 10 product launches per week.. 10 and you'll have $36 per hour.. If you had the same results on each one of them. - In reality, something like that wouldn't work, but once you've launched your very first product you'll get experience, and that experience is worth more than you'll earn on the product itself. Trust me. How Much Can A Newbie Make On A Product Launch?

Best Regards,


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Oh nice one Andre, I see that was in 2013 so the value of $1100 from that product would have been a lot more than it is now! I am just wondering exactly what you did to promote that product and whether you spent any money either creating the product or promoting it?

Was this an ebook that you wrote and sold?

I have never thought of selling products on JVZoo or Warriorforum but it sounds like it may be worthwhile investigating those avenues for the future!

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