3 Unseen SEO Laws You May be Ignoring - (Reason Why not ranking #1 on Google - [VIDEO]

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3 Unseen SEO Laws You May be Ignoring - (Reason Why not ranking #1 on Google - [VIDEO]

This is 2019 and Google has evolved in these years, getting smarter and clever.

Getting Ranked in Google these days is more than On-page SEO and Backlinks. You need to think like Google and grow with Google to make a stable position on online search market.

Most of the time we ignore the most important things those may help us achieve Google ranking in long run. Here is a video from Neil Patel that explains what you need to focus along with the basics to get #1 on Google in current days.

#1 - Brand Queries

When you build a blog, website. You just focus on targeting high search volume keywords and try to rank them. But you don't put effort to build a brand of your domain name. Most websites those rank for high search volume keywords have a brand name.

A brand query means, How may people remember your domain name, how many of them are searching your exact domain on Google. It indicates that you have a brand and that is going add a rank signal for your site helping it ranked for more and more keywords in your niche.

#2- User Experience

People use Google because, it shows relevant results and good websites. Now, Google want to maintain this reputation by ranking those websites who offers best USER EXPERIENCE. If your website is not clean, showing error, poor navigation, user will leave the site immediately and visit another site. It will send a signal to Google and your ranking will drop. This is a part of user matrix you need to consider.

Build website for the users and Google will rank you!

#3- Adapt with latest Technology Google

By 2020 more than 50% searches will be voice search.
Yes. Are you ready for this. The third point is more about being updated with Google Algorithms and search technologies. Learn, Implement, Earn!

Online Search Market can get you big business, big money. But you need to learn new things and be updated. If you are just trying to earn easy money without spending some time on these education. you will left behind.

And we don't want that. So follow seoboyz to get latest articles, news on Google Search , Social Media, Link building and other related stuffs.



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For me,

Search engines rank websites based on the quality of the content published on this site. Wikipedia, for example, is considered by search engines as a reliable source of information and, for this reason, will always be on page 1 of the SERP.
What I want to know now is exactly how would you say if a blog or web page is one of those top places?

When creating backlinks, there are tools that you can use to determine the performance of sites. If a site ranks higher in search engine results pages, search engines consider it to be a higher site.

According to Wikipedia:
The domain authority of a website describes its relevance for a specific domain or industry. This relevance has a direct impact on its ranking by search engines

I think that's what you should look for when trying to create your backlinks. If a site in your niche is in a good position in the search, your backlinks should be there. There are SEO tools that can do all this (hard work) for you.

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Thank you so much for your valuable content. I think that Content is the King and keywords is the Queen for Rank any Link/URL even video then Promotion.I also Agreed of all 3 Lows. thanks again.

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