looking to build niche' list.. any advice appreciated

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looking to build niche' list.. any advice appreciated

Looking to create  a global niche' online social platform in the drone sector.  We are planning an indiegogo crowdfunding later this year.  Needing to build the potential backing audience and get message out to all involved in this sector.
This will apply to anyone into drones,UAV,UEAS,FPV in the consumer, commercial, industrial and government arenas. 

Appreciate information that will allow us to build this list via the main social platforms like Twitter, FB, Instagram, Linkedin,Reddit,etc.   Need key fields for each user.

If you can provide an out fo the box solution, we can work out a fee, or if you can scrape all this organic data, we can also work something out.




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Quite an ambitious task, I must say. But when I think of it, I realize there is definitely an opportunity to make this work right now and cover more areas.
I wonder, what database are you going to use for establishing this project? There are a lot of possibilities for data gathering and processing. The best solution for this kind of task I've used so far is, I would definitely recommend this. We're were lucky to work with such a credible company that is known in many spheres, I think that'll suit your project for sure.

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