How to Get Affiliate Member Bonus?

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How to Get Affiliate Member Bonus?

I have already two affiliate member but they are don't complete any order.I was see the $5 bonus for affiliate member.But,I don't know how to get the bonus.Please help me anyone to get affiliate member bonus from Seoclerk...


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First get more affiliates to sign up under your affiliate link. When they buy a service this is when you earn your commission. All of your affiliates are yours for life so, anything that they buy from now until the end of time you earn your commission. This affiliate marketing program is one of the best on the web. If you work at it it is a good long term strategy to generate revenue on a daily basis. The real work is promoting your link and the other members services and getting more signups. I personally showcase the highest rated and lowest cost services when promoting as this seems to work for me.

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Thanks for your response..My affiliate member seller not they are buyer.I don't know how tobget affiliate bonus.I am very excited for my affiliate marketing

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When you get an affiliate and they buy a service the commission is added to your account where you can withdraw.

In the navigation (top of page mouse over seller, then other then click affiliate) this will show you all of the purchases, affiliate clicks, upcoming payments, members and more.

In the navigation (top of page mouse over seller, then other then click Revenues). This is where you can withdraw. Make sure you have this set up in your account. It is easy to do and will only take a few minutes.

Also, user levels dictate how much or how little you can withdraw. You can learn more here.

By the way it is easy to quickly get to a higher level. I got to a Level 3 in a few weeks with a little effort. Just keep at it and you will see positive results across the board.

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You can only be paid when you refer affiliates that make purchases. Get buyer affiliates and not seller affiliates

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Create a SocialMedia Group If you like andhave a hobby of social media, create a Regional Social Media Group for your
area of ??residence, the group you create does not have to be directly related
to Pay-Free, but can attract Targets to want to join the Free Pay membership.
Update content and status regularly, and invite friends and people in the
friendship network to enter the group that you manage.
Alternatives tocreating a Klonengan account are also quite effective for adding and filling in
the number of group members that you manage. You can also find tutorials to
quickly increase the number of Facebook groups that can easily be found.The ideal number ofgroup members so that the promotion that you do can run is 10,000 ++ members or
even 1,000,000 ++ members, imagine if at least 10% of the group members will
become free members under your network? Using PaidAdvertising Media Maybe not everyonehas a qualified SEO skill.There are also manyfree members who set aside about SEO, but they can also get a lot of
commissions from these Pay-Free affiliates. They Focus on marketing Payments
through paid media.Ads on Facebookhave been used by many people to market their goods and services. Ads on
Facebook are perfect because you can choose the right audience to get many
members. However, don'tspend money on running Facebook ads without enough knowledge because it can
drain your wallet without any results. To start Facebook Ads, the things you
must prepare and know are:- Pages or Pagesthat you Manage- Target Audience(age, region, etc.)- Advertising costs(can be tried with a nominal 10,000 / day)- Text and Imagecontent Email Marketing Many of theAffiliate Marketers consider that email is one of the best ways to get
prospective members. Email follow-up is an important thing to do when a new
service or the latest tutorial that you make has been published. A good
marketer usually inserts a free link on that email to get more members. Some bloggers mayhave a large email list and they regularly offer price discounts or give readers
a bonus. Market ThroughSocial Media Marketing throughsocial media might give many visitors to your website and more prospective
members to pay off than you previously imagined.Make sure youmarket the affiliate link or link your blog to all the social media you have
and also you can promote the link in the appropriate group that you have
followed.But keep in mind,do not be too much and often spread the link, because it might be considered
spam by your friends.

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