How do I get Adsense safe traffic?

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How do I get Adsense safe traffic?

HI there i need to know that is this traffic is safe for adsense and also from which source i ll get traffic? How would I find out this information?


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Hi thewre i want to know this traffic is safe for adsens and can i get real human traffic and if yes so which country user you will be provide me. and will you make that traffic from backlinks or some software or sharing post and also if i will got click that traffic will comes from specific device or only comes from desktop

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I do not have enough knowledge about using Youtube adsense to monetize earnings. What I know is that you need to have hundreds or thousands of clicks per hour for atleast 1,000 subscribers. It means more subscribers, more views to gain traffic. It's an advantage to have real subscribers because adsense software can detect the unscrupulous subscribers/followers. They are very strict in the implementation of rules and regulations.

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I also don't have enough knowledge about that matter. I also want to know how to increase your views and subscribers since I have just started my YouTube channel the other day. Maybe we can subscribe each others channel to help one another.

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It's difficult to earn subscribers because each user have different preference. There are thousands of users making Youtube account every day. Your only advantage among others would be the quality content. Make sure it's informative and useful. Use your passion for motivation. Have fun and you will learn along your way. I haven't thought of making one since I don't have enough time to spare on it. I wish you success in your plans.

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Sub me at priceless beauty and i will sub u. Am attually looking for ways where all YouTubers here come come together and support each other instead of buying views or subscribers. Am going to create a post for sub for sub. Do check it out.

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I think it's safe. Adsense would not offer it if it is not. And the country user must not be chosen. I'm advising you to pick all users from all around the world, it would be better. You must not think of installing a software just to get hoax views in order to earn, trust me, you're account would be banned. Adsense is very strict on checking, you must work hard in order to earn a great amount of money.

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increase click AdSense ads

1. Use a responsive templateBy using responsive templates, there will be many advantages, including being able to increase clicks on adsense ads legitimately. You need to know, that smartphone users in Indonesia in 2015 were the biggest according to Google reports. If you don't use this well, then you can't take the opportunity to name it.

By using a responsive template, it can more easily adjust to various devices. One of them is on a smartphone display device. So visitors can see the full ad without being cut off. This will likely increase the click on adsense ads if they are interested in the ad.

2. Speed ??up loading the blog
The problem of speed loading (loading) blogs also need to be considered. Because after all loading a fast blog can increase the click on adsense ads. You know that blog loading speed is something that must be prioritized. Because that's where the comfort of visitors is.

So the thing that can be done is by making your blog look as fast as possible. Don't use widgets that can affect your blog. In addition, from the hosting side also needs to be considered, do not let your visitors run away because of slow hosting.

3. Use responsive rectangle advertising
This is a refinement of Point number 1 above, because someone said that the responsive unit was smaller and also not good when transcribed in slow connections (googleweblight).

You can do responsive types of rectangle advertising easily. All you have to do is change the data ad format to rectangle. But between one blog template and another blog is not suitable for implementing this.

4. Choose a topic for lay people
Many suggest not blogging about blogging or themes related to adsense and internet marketing. Because it will cause visitors not to click on ads. But forever this is not true, those who discuss about blogs also get adequate ad clicks.

5. Use strategic placement
Strategic ad placement is the thing that plays an important role in increasing legitimate adsense ads. Strategic placement does not mean we place ads that are prone to clicks, for example with pop ups and so on. But the position of the advertisement does not disturb the visitors but is clearly visible

6. Create a long article
According to some experiments show that by making a long and readable article will be able to increase adsense clicks. There are some who like long articles and some who don't.

7. Create a blog with 1 niche
For point one, the point is to create a blog with 1 topic. So it is focused on just one niche blog. These tips have been proven to increase click AdSense ads. Because after all, the ads displayed on blogs with 1 niche will be more relevant.

8. Increase blog traffic

It can't be avoided anymore, the more traffic it will, the more it will increase the click on adsense ads. This of course you can do with some very complex things. Yes right, because to increase blog traffic is something that cannot be done in a short time and without effort.

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I have also the same question that how I get Adsense safe traffic? because If i getting any spam my Adsense account will block. If anyone tells how to do this for my Condolence message Site then it will great for me.

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