Are you failing to make money online? You're probably spreading yourself too thin

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Are you failing to make money online? You're probably spreading yourself too thin

Many people get drawn to online marketing because they heard there were riches for everyone to make here, but that's just not true.  People tend to set up website after website in order to obtain these riches, but they actually end up spreading themselves too thin and never become successful online because of it.

Spreading yourself too thin is one of the main downfalls of internet marketing.  There's no one online that will tell you when you're doing something wrong, so you'll have to determine this yourself, otherwise, you'll be eaten alive by the online monster that is the internet muahahaha!  All jokes aside, you probably don't need 4 or 5 websites targeting the same niche or different niches, when you aren't making any money from your flagship website.  Focus on just one website, put all your time into it until you start to make money, then take that money and put it back into the website to make it more successful.

After you hit the profit ceiling with your first website, start a second and repeat the process Are you failing to make money online?  You

Instead of posting to every social media platform, focus on 1 or 2
One thing people don't think about is social media and how much of a time suck it is.  If you're posting to 5 or 6 different social media platforms, engaging with everyone you possibly can, and trying to funnel traffic to your websites you will quickly realize you're draining your own energy and not being as efficient as possible.

What you should be doing is figuring out what platforms are best for your products or services and target them accordingly.  You can invest half of the time you previously were into social media and be 5x more successful at it now that you're not taking pointless actions.

Stop setting up multiple websites in different niches
Just like the title says, stop setting up websites in various niches because you're chasing profits.  You need to stick with one or two websites, make them profitable, then either sell them or keep pushing to the highest profits possible.  Some people never hit a cap on their profits and that means they never need a second or third website.

If you can build one mega authority website instead of 10 small websites no one knows about, you can make a lot more money guaranteed Are you failing to make money online?  You

Share traffic between your network to capture more sales
If you did it right, you probably have 2 or 3 websites in the same niche that are all targeting different categories.  The beauty of this is you can share your traffic between your websites and make more money than if you run them solo.  You can do this because the traffic on your first website will still like your second and third website since it's the same niche Are you failing to make money online?  You

Sharing traffic like this will help your cross-sell over websites, which not many people are doing the right way, but you can be the unique one who gets it correct Are you failing to make money online?  You

You have traffic that isn't converting, figure out the problem
If you're setting up a PPC campaign, putting up banners, and doing pretty much everything you can in order to generate a sale but nothing is happening you'll now need to figure out what is wrong.  A lot of people will set up a PPC campaign and say it's not working well, but that tends to be the case because the website they're sending traffic to looks like it was built in 1997 and is extremely outdated.  A quick refresh in the design department will quickly turn their sales around, and that's all it takes sometimes.  Other times it's something to do with your content or it could even be as simple as your pages are loading too slow for people to stay interested. 

If you can figure out the problem, you will know the solution, so get to work if you're spending any sort of money on traffic generation and it's not converting at all.

In conclusion
If you're spreading yourself too thin, you won't be able to profit as much as you could with just one or two websites.  I usually tell people to just stick with one website until it's bringing in a lot of cash flow, but they rarely listen and then open up 5 or 6 websites targeting the same thing lol Are you failing to make money online?  You  You're essentially competing with yourself and will fail because you're now spreading yourself too thin in hopes you're going to dominate Are you failing to make money online?  You  Build one website, work on it until it's profitable, sell it or bring someone on to manage it, set up a second, and repeat the process Are you failing to make money online?  You

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