Think like a customer and watch your sales increase

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Think like a customer and watch your sales increase

Whenever someone is starting a business or website, they always think of how they can boost their sales through marketing and advertising, but they rarely think like the customers they're targeting.  If you go to a website, do you want to see a pop up show 4 different times while you're browsing, do you want to see 300-word articles that are supposed to be "High-quality content", do you want to find products or services with lackluster descriptions?  No, you want to see the best possible things in front of you before you make a purchasing decision.  It boggles my mind when someone sets up a 1 or 2-page website with all of their "services" listed along with 1 or 2 sentence descriptions, and then complain they're not making any money lol.

If you really want to increase your sales, you need to think like your customers, and that's what this discussion is all about!

Know how customers are navigating your website
If you can see where your customers are navigating around your website, you will know what products or services are gaining the most interest, so you need to then spruce up all those hot pages first before doing anything else.

If you can make all of your pages amazing, that's great, but it takes time so just focus on the ones that are gaining the most attention.  After you knock out those pages, hit the rest of your product or service pages and spruce them up for better conversions.

Know where you're losing traffic on your website
If you don't know where people are exiting on your website, you're losing the game already, so get to work and see where they are jumping or bouncing off of your website. 

When you figure out the main pages with the highest exit rates, you'll quickly be able to figure out what people are seeing before they leave, and now you can fix it Think like a customer and watch your sales increase  Add a lot of great content to those pages, fix the navigation, add some quick links to services or products and funnel those people to new pages that are more successful Think like a customer and watch your sales increase

Know what your competitive price points are
If you don't know the MSRP and what your competitors are selling similar products and services for, what are you even doing in business?  Knowing competitive price points is one of the biggest things you need to know when starting up.  You need to undercut your competitors, bring in new customers, and over deliver in order to keep them coming back.  If your competitors are pricing their services at $100 then you need to sell yours for $80.  People won't jump ship for a few dollars, but if they can save 20% they will give you a chance.  When they get their products or services from you and see you're 10x better, they will not mind paying for the best items or services on your website.

Be ready to respond to chat, email, or tickets immediately
Top notch customer support isn't something new when it comes to increasing sales, but I still have to tell people on a daily basis to drop your response times as low as possible to keep people coming back.  Think about it, how often have you sent in a support ticket and found a better product or service while waiting for the main website to respond to your ticket?  It happens pretty often and it's because people don't want to wait for you.  If you can respond quickly, you will always convert more people into customers, and they will love everything you're doing because they get a response right away Think like a customer and watch your sales increase

In conclusion
If you can put yourself in your customers' shoes, you will know what needs to be done and what they will want to see on your website.  You will know what needs to be fixed on your website, what your prices need to be at, and you will notice that quick responses close more deals than waiting 24 hours to respond to a support ticket.

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Tommy Carey


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Respected Sir,
You are absolutely correct and I completely agree with your articles. I love your article.

But sometimes we need to think opposite on behalf of the customer for rewarding the best professionalism and acknowledge the values of a seller. If a seller project & products are very good and having the world-class superior best quality in it. Will, you going to reward the seller or buyer? Just you need to think of it again.

It is I, you & we can make a difference between customer to sales. If a customer wants the best, genuine, world-class superior projects or products to buy, a buyer has to spend more on legit things so when after delivery or on hands a buyer will see the results, definitely that buyer will be very happy and recommended to all other nations or other buyers thus seller will be pleased, happy and buyer will feel very proud of having such a good seller with him or her vice versa.

This is really hard to understand & truth behind everything but as you know truth is always truth. Where the buyer and seller equally important for any business.

When all seller will understand this strictness universal truth then the buyer will definitely be very happy with the seller. I guarantee 100%.
Rest it depends on various factors; still.

oh, I just forget to type about marketing, I am requesting to make an article about how to develop marketing skills on

This is my opinion!

Thank you
Kind regards

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