How to do 4 weeks of work in just 4 days to beat your competitors

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How to do 4 weeks of work in just 4 days to beat your competitors

Working for yourself online or offline is a competitive atmosphere no matter what industry or niche you may be in.  You're doing all of the work, in the beginning, some of the work later on when you have people helping out, but you're never fully detached because it's your business.  You have to do massive amounts of work in order to overcome your competitors in sales, SERPs, reputation, and trust before you can start to consider yourself the best in your industry.

If you're not working smart, you're working much harder than you need to, and that's why I've written up this discussion!  If you can work smart, you can get much more done throughout the day and beat your competitors sooner rather than later.

The use of the 80/20 rule in everything you do
If you're not familiar with the 80/20 rule, it's basically a statistic that comes from the fact you make 80% of your profits from just 20% of the work you're doing.  This means if you were to work for 10 hours today, you will make 80% of your money from just 2 of the 10 hours you invested. 

Knowing which 2 hours are making you money is key because you can put more time into those tasks that are actually bringing in the profits and work on the rest of the jobs later.  Boost your sales by knowing what is working and what your customers like, then worry about the small stuff.

Outsource small tasks that take up your time
When it comes to working online, you will quickly realize that freelancers make the workload seem really minuscule, and that's because they can handle all the small stuff while you focus on what really needs to get done.

Hiring freelancers also help you enforce the 80/20 rule.  You can hire people to do the smaller tasks that don't really make you money while you focus more on the 20% that does.  If you do this you will be able to get everything done each day and always make the most amount of money possible.  You just need to know what is generating the most money for you and focus on those tasks while outsourcing everything else possible to credible freelancers.

Break down bigger tasks so they're more manageable
If you're not breaking down large tasks into 4 or 5 smaller ones, you're likely getting overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to actually do.  By breaking down larger tasks into a few smaller ones, you'll be able to use these little ones as a sort of stepping stones towards completion.  You won't feel overwhelmed by the work you have to get done and you will feel more accomplished when you finish.

Know when you work best and how you to approach your work
Some people work better in the morning while other people work best at night.  If you just work whenever you want, you're likely draining yourself for your prime time and that means you won't get as much done as possible. 

A lot of people like working out in the morning, going home to shower, then getting to work because they feel energized and tend to get a ton of work done.  This method may not be for you because you're a night owl, so try working at night after everyone goes to bed, this actually works best for me How to do 4 weeks of work in just 4 days to beat your competitors

In conclusion
If you can do all of the above, you will usually get more done within the day, and that means each month you will get more jobs and tasks done that will push you above your competitors in the SERPs, generate more sales, and overall you will get everything done you had on your jobs list.

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Tommy Carey


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This Information Is Great,
It helps you to pass your Competitor Easily.

I Still didn't get it How to Break down bigger tasks so they're more manageable?

Thank You,
Yours Sincerely, Rehiga

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Hey Rehiga,

When you have larger tasks like doing an SEO campaign to gain top rankings or building a website, you can break those down into specific things like...

SEO Campaign
Task 1 - Build High DA Backlinks
Task 2 - Work on the on page optimization
Task 3 - Reach out to niche specific blog owners for guest posts

Website Design
Task 1 - Get together a bunch of images to use for the design
Task 2 - Lay out the structure so you know how you want it to look
Task 3 - Get a rough draft done and make it better over time.

By breaking down the "SEO Campaign" and "Website Design" tasks into various smaller ones it will make it seem like you're hitting your goals quicker, achieving more, and you will want to keep working longer hours to keep checking things off of your list. When you have a large task, something that could take weeks or months, it can get cumbersome since you aren't checking anything off of your list until it's done. If you were to break it down, you could see how much you're completing, and you'll want to keep working How to do 4 weeks of work in just 4 days to beat your competitors

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