Creating an eCommerce powerhouse starts with simple research

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Creating an eCommerce powerhouse starts with simple research

Everyone wants to become rich and powerful online, but not many people want to put in the hard work to get there, and that's what separates the basic eCommerce sites from the ones that are Power Houses!  You need to understand your niche, know your competitors, find the voids within your industry and fill them, know what your customers want from you, target the right people, set your website up to be user-friendly, and always capture an email whenever possible.

If you can set up an eCommerce style website and start to get traffic to it, it's only a matter of time before you're getting an extra 1,000 visitors and then 100,000 visitors.  The beauty of online marketing is that it compiles and makes your more successful down the road, so be sure you're doing the best possible job to boost your website up through the rankings and get people to love your products or services.

In this discussion, if you didn't figure it out already, I'm going to cover 7 things you need to focus on in order to build an eCommerce Power House and it all starts with research.

Understand your niche
If you're just jumping into a niche because you think it's profitable, you likely are going to be hit with a big surprise that probably isn't going to be a good one.  You need to do your basic research and understand if you have the time to put into a new eCommerce style website or business within a niche you may not fully understand.

Many people say they didn't make money online because it's too difficult, but in reality, they just didn't do their research.  Understand your niche and you will understand if an eCommerce style website is needed in that field.

Know your competitors
You need to understand that you're not likely the first to your industry that has an eCommerce style website.  In fact, you might be the 10th or 1,000th website that is trying to sell a product or service within the niche of your choice.  That shouldn't scare you off though, you could be going up against 1,000 websites that didn't do any research, which means there is a vulnerability in their armor, and you can now win the war and be the top dog in your industry.

You would never know there is a possibility to overcome 1,000 competitors if you don't do your research, so don't get scared off by competitors Creating an eCommerce powerhouse starts with simple research

Find voids within a niche, then target them
Similar to knowing your competitors and finding a vulnerability in their armor, finding a void within a niche is extremely profitable if you take action the right way.  Think about it, there wasn't a great social network out there and then Facebook came out, dominating the industry because they filled a void in peoples hearts.

If you can fill in a void, it doesn't have to be on a Facebook scale, you can bring a massive amount of attention to your website and make a ton of money.

Know what your customers want
The difference between thinking you know what your customers want and actually knowing what they want is the amount of money that is going into your bank account lol.  If you actually know what your customers want, you won't be wasting your time adding products to your eCommerce website that isn't going to sell.  Now, if you know what they want then you'll know what products to add and that means your time is never really wasted and your profits will be much higher.

Target the right people, not everyone
It's nice getting 1,000 new people to your website each day through Facebook PPC or Adwords campaigns, but you might not be targeting the right people, which means your traffic might not be as good as you thought it was.  Yes, having a lot of traffic is key to making a lot of money, but that traffic needs to be targeted in order to gain a sale.

By targeting your campaigns, you'll usually lower the traffic levels of your website, but you'll increase your profits and ROI because everyone landing on your product pages or blog posts will want what you have.

Make your website user-friendly
If your website is jumbled up, not responsive, slow, and looks like it's outdated then you aren't creating the best place for someone to come shop online.  Now, if you did everything right and thought of your customers' experience first, then you'll likely have the best setup for them to make a purchase.

People want to be on a user-friendly website, so give it to them and watch your profits increase gradually.

Always capture emails when possible
If you're not capturing your customers' emails, as well as people who just want to sign up to your newsletters, you're not winning the eCommerce game!  Go set up a MailChimp, GetResponse, or Aweber account and start to collect emails from people who are purchasing from you or just browsing around.  You'd be amazed at the ROI of a strategic email marketing campaign Creating an eCommerce powerhouse starts with simple research

In conclusion
If you make plenty of sacrifices each week to make your eCommerce business as best it can be, you'll see the rewards coming in sooner rather than later.  Think about it, you may not see your website become successful if you're cutting corners and not pushing to be the best possible place to make a purchase.  Your customers will leave you for a competitor if you're not giving them the best experience possible, so be sure to do all of the things I've written above and become a Power House Creating an eCommerce powerhouse starts with simple research

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Tommy Carey


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Yes! I definitely believe that everything can be learned if you will commit yourself into achieving that goal. Since we are now living in information age, almost everything can be learned. Just be committed in researching, though we might feel like nothing is happening with what you are researching, and you will be able to achieve what you want to learn.

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I am currently learning SEO methods in this site based on the discussions that I come across. So far I can say that I am learning so many things that I can be on my own in the following months when I create my own website. Doing the SEO work on my own website will be a breeze and probably enjoyable for me because it will be my practice for the SEO methods that I have learned here.

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Target the right people, not everyone

I couldn't agree more! A lot of us fall into that trap, the idea of wanting to target everyone on earth who uses the internet, so that you'd get traffic and everything will be great. Well, it won't! You really have to find a way to target audience that will come back and that's interested in what you have to offer.

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Yeah, a ton of people target the general population when they should be targeting moms who are over 45 and live in a specific area near them. Targeting has only gotten better in the search algorithms as well as the PPC platforms where you can push your ads through and pull in quick sales.

It's surprising how often people aren't targeting the right people in specific locations and lowering their advertising costs. Many of us, myself included, have targeted the entire world and thought we were going to be millionaires lol Creating an eCommerce powerhouse starts with simple research When I started off, I ran an AdWords campaign and my targeting was so broad that it didn't really do much except eat away at my budget lol. After I tweaked it, I started to profit, but I still lost that 2 weeks of ad budget due to not targeting the right people in the right locations Creating an eCommerce powerhouse starts with simple research

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I think some of the time the new ecommerce site require you to have some sort of the process. Like from getting the order all the way to the delivery and then handling refunds in some cases. So few things like that it can make a lot of difference. You have to understand that part though. Not all the time you can fix things. So I think some level of research is required in this.

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I tend to agree with your points since an online store should always be properly setup, the site should be light and optimized and should always have updated interesting content. Marketing and Advertising plays a major role in this.

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online store should be set up in such a way that any one that visits them on the internet will have total confidence that any product that they shop from it will always be worth the money spent on it. So, this is one of the reasons anyone thinking of having an online store should make it look quite ok and convincing.

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Thank you for sharing this information!

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Exerting effort between knowing your competitors and knowing what your customer wants, I guess we have to focus more on the latter. The customer is the lifeblood of the business and the saying that the customer is always right is still true to this day. When you give the customer what they want then you are on the right path. However, I cannot say we should ignore the competition. It is still good to check on them once in a while just to be in good stride with the trend.

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Understanding what your competitors are doing in the industry that you are staying is one of the ways that we can get to improve on what they do. This is what I called post innovation since they have brought something that is good which you are trying to improve on and I believe that when such a thing is done, you can be able to perform better than them in the industry.

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