5 ways to build your social media following quicker than your competitors

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5 ways to build your social media following quicker than your competitors

People are always looking to build their following on specific social media platforms, or all of them, but they never really know where to start.  Usually, they will just publish videos and act like the other popular people in their industry, but that's not how you become a leader and gain a massive following.  People know your competitors, because they likely follow them, so you need to be as unique as possible and be genuine at the same time. 

In this discussion, I'll be going over 5 ways you can build your social media following quicker than your competitors, and those ways are:

Become the face of your industry
This is obviously easier said than done, but you can do this if you just become dedicated to your craft and actually publish quality videos that keep people watching.  If you're just re-hashing your competitor's videos you're not going to get many followers in a quick amount of time.  Sure, you might be able to get a few here and there, but the majority of people will likely have watched the original video and know you're just a copycat, so don't do this.

Have your own personality and image online and people will begin to follow you, it's as simple as that.

Share your knowledge so people know you're a leader
If you're recording videos that help people out by sharing your knowledge on open platforms like YouTube, you'll boost your following more than your competitors who likely aren't doing this.  These videos are usually a little more boring to the common person, but the niche specific people will gravitate towards them and likely follow or subscribe to you.

Honestly review products or services in your industry
One of the biggest ways to build a following on social media is to review products or services in your industry for people to read or watch when they are interested in purchasing that product or service for themselves.  People always look up reviews about something they're going to purchase, so hopefully, they are always landing on your reviews and seeing you as the main person to come to when they need help with a decision about something they want to buy.

Teach people how to use something like software or a CMS
If you're doing "How To" videos or walkthroughs, you'll notice a lot of people coming in to watch, and that means there's a potential for a huge spike in followers or subscribers.  You can do video How To tutorials and bring people in who really need to see what goes where and how to do something.  These tutorials tend to be more in depth, and longer, so be sure to not cut anything short and actually take your time on these.  The more time you invest in just one of these, the more people will appreciate them, and that means more followers and subscribers 5 ways to build your social media following quicker than your competitors

Record and share presentations you've done for the masses
If you're doing some public speaking at events or a sort of consulting to employees of a business, you should record it and after you're done editing it, publish it to YouTube or other video platforms in order to bring people in.  If you're not recording these interactions, you're missing an opportunity to cash in on a market that is looking for answers. 

In conclusion
Building a social following isn't the easiest thing to do, but you can gradually grow if you just invest yourself in it.  Publish reviews, give away information, record public speaking events, teach people something, and attempt to become an industry leader in order to have people follow or subscribe to you.  If you think it's a difficult thing to do, it is, but you'll never know how good you are at this unless you actually try.

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