How to start video marketing on a limited budget

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How to start video marketing on a limited budget

Video marketing isn't the cheapest thing to do in the online marketing world, but it can be affordable if you take the right steps and don't waste your money on something that is 100% unique and amazing right from the beginning. Sure, you could have some startup funding from investors that would allow you to get those types of videos produced, but that's not the case for everyone and that's why this discussion came about.

You NEED video marketing in your life if you plan on being successful, you can't just think it will help you out in the long run. Video marketing actually has a great ROI over time because the videos are live forever if you put them on the right platforms like Daily Motion and YouTube. Knowing where to post the videos you have is just the tip of the iceberg that is video marketing, you need to know how to get those videos created on a limited budget, and that's the real hurdle you need to jump over before you can be successful. Posting the videos and optimizing the titles and descriptions is the easy part, getting the videos made is difficult if you're just starting off, so be sure to read through this discussion and get some ideas of how to get something made that can bring in some traffic.

Use screencast to show people what to do
This type of video only works for SAAS or websites that provide services like SEOclerks and that is because you will be recording your actions online to show people what to do. You will be recording what you're computer is looking at and where your mouse/cursor is going on the page to show everyone actions to take in order to do something.

I'm sure you've seen software videos just like this, the programmer has a big yellow circle around their cursor so you can follow it easily around the page, and these videos are always to teach you how to do something. If you're not liking this method, that's ok, there are a few more below that work for everyone How to start video marketing on a limited budget

Use video testimonials to boost sales
Video testimonials work well for any business and that's because people gravitate towards video more than they do a text review that is posted on your page. You can get video testimonials from your actual customers if they have the equipment to do so, or you can purchase a few video testimonials online and just have those people say what they actual customer said in text form How to start video marketing on a limited budget You could always write up a review you think is good for your website, but that's more along the lines of tricking people into buying from you and should likely be avoided.

Use affordable whiteboard videos
A few years ago there was a surge of whiteboard videos out there and everyone was using them. That surge died down a little bit but the videos still work extremely well on your own website as well as posting to 3rd party blogs and platforms. You can always find a whiteboard service from India or the Philippines that costs 1/10 of what it would if you were to hire someone from the US to do it, and the best part about outsourcing this overseas is there isn't a language barrier since the person making the video is just working with images How to start video marketing on a limited budget

After you get the whiteboard video, you will want to write up a script to have someone read over the video, which will make people stay on it much longer than if it were just a simple video with images. If you do all of this, you should be able to get a video done for less than $100, which isn't a lot of money compared to 100% custom videos costing $10,000+ How to start video marketing on a limited budget

Use various freelancers
Just like the above method, you can use various freelancers to help you out, which will likely save you money if you target the right countries to find people. The only downside of this is there could be a language barrier to overcome if they're doing the voice over, so be sure to hire someone to do the right voice over for the main country you're targeting. You can usually find people with amazing skills who can get a video up and running in a week or so, but I do want to let you know this method costs a little bit more than a whiteboard video because it could be using video in it as well as actual people talking, which won't require a voiceover.

Use live video to attract customers
A lot of people are gravitating towards live video to show everyone what they're doing at the moment, but you can use it for marketing purposes and boost your sales. You can schedule live video sessions and send out emails or notifications to alert people you're going live in the next 15 or 30 minutes to ensure you're being watched. If you don't feel comfortable in front of a camera and getting watched by complete strangers, you can always hire someone to do this for you and stay behind the scenes.

In conclusion
Video marketing is a great thing to do for your business because it's a sort of evergreen marketing if done the right way. You can have your videos live on huge platforms forever, sending in traffic daily, and making you more and more money each year. There's no limit to how many videos you can post, so be sure to get out there and start publishing!

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Once again you have given us all wonderful information in this narrative, I have not as yet used this form of marketing, but after reading this will probably give it a try
Kind Regards
Steve Simmonds

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That's Awesome!

VIdeo marketing isn't always tapped into by your competitors, so you can sometimes get into an untapped traffic source for a low cost How to start video marketing on a limited budget

Try it out, don't blow a ton of money right away, and if it works out you should be able to scale it up and bring in more traffic with each new video you create and submit across the internet How to start video marketing on a limited budget

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Nice Information Tommy,

You give me New Idea to create a new service.
I have Whiteboard Animation Video Explainer
Now I may create Video Testimonial For New Service. Thanks for your Suggestion
And I Need to Quickly Buy Mic to record a Voice Over for my next Sales.

Thank you, Tommy
I am Growing Up Because of your useful information.

Your Sincerely, Rehiga

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Awesome! How to start video marketing on a limited budget

I'm glad you got the idea to do a whiteboard video creation service How to start video marketing on a limited budget

If you can do them well enough, and price them just right, you can likely get a lot of attention and return buyers. People love using whiteboard videos that are done well because it gets the point across and there isn't much distraction. Do it well and you'll also be able to funnel people to your other services How to start video marketing on a limited budget

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And which software is better to choose - free or paid?

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First of all, pay attention to quality. This solves many problems.

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I would advise you to pick up high-quality tools right away, i.e., good software and hardware, but primarily software, because hardware needs a lot of money. First of all, I would advise you - a great thing from one of the best Movavi companies. I am sure that she does not need to be introduced, I use it, and I can say that this is one of the most useful things for conducting such a business.

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