A few things you should know about powerful lead magnets

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A few things you should know about powerful lead magnets

Lead magnets are more than good content on a specific website that will pull in a few leads here and there.  They have well thought out strategies that help bring in floods of leads over the lifespan of your website.  They are pages, articles, opt-in forms, interviews, etc. that will be live for a long time and always help out your business.

A magnet attracts, and that's why a lead magnet makes you profits, you're essentially attracting people to your website or service in order to profit (obviously).  They don't go up overnight and make you a millionaire, you have to raise them like a child and take your time when the bumps and bruises happen, and they will.  Nurture your lead magnets and remember to following things below if you want to always have something great bring in plenty of leads and make your business more successful than it is right now.

A great lead magnet will solve a problem
How many times have you been to a blog or website because you think you've found the answer to your question or problem?  That website had a great lead magnet because they got you to their pages.  If you can solve someone's problem or simply answer a question of theirs, you can turn them into a loyal customer for life or at least one large purchase lol.

Each industry has its own problems, it really doesn't matter what your specialty is, you can always write up something that helps solve someone else's problems.  Think about it, you're reading this because you want to know what a great lead magnet consists of, which means this discussion has done its job so far! A few things you should know about powerful lead magnets

They are relevant
If you're thinking of setting up a lead magnet, you can't just do what the other person is, because their magnet may not be relevant to what you are doing.  Think about how many niches are out there and how many different types of personas there are.  If you can make your lead magnet relevant to the person who is looking it over, you'll see more and more people signing up for your opt-in form or making a purchase on your website.

Write about something your website is solving, not something you want them to hear, and they will love what you have for them.

A good magnet is action oriented
When you want to attract people to your website or business, you need to essentially hold their hand and tell them you have the best product or service available.  Tell them you're the best, show them where they can find the best, and never forget that you're the best!  

If the person going through all the attractions of your lead magnet ends up on your website or blog, they will likely be another customer of yours solely because you're now the best in their opinion.

They offer great value to the reader or customer
A service or product is only as good as the value it provides the customer.  If you have a piece of software that only does one thing related to your industry, your competitor who has similar software that does 10 things will be the industry leader.  You need to provide something unrivaled by your competitors, so try to be cutting edge and innovative in order to attract everyone possible.

They don't promote every chance they get
Some of the best lead magnets out there aren't even promoting what they're trying to sell.  They're going over very specific points of their product or service without revealing what it actually is, and that's where the mystery comes into play.  People want to know what the best thing out there is, and now they're extremely interested in it, so they'll click through and buy whatever it is that was so hyped up on the previous page they were just on A few things you should know about powerful lead magnets

In conclusion
A good lead magnet is more than just a sales page on a 3rd party website.  A good lead magnet entices people to your website and has them sold before they even click through to your homepage or a product page.  Think about all the points I covered above and ask yourself "Do I have the best lead magnet I possibly can?" if you have any hesitation to say "YES!" then you should go over what you're doing and see if there is any room for improvement.

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Tommy Carey


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For me a good lead magnet is a site that gives something for free. This maybe information like review sites or some type of free service that would create a decent traffic to your site, which can create a loyal fan base for you and your site.

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Free magnets are an awesome thing to give away if you can afford it. Even better, if you can write up an ebook or give away something digitally, you're not going to be using your own money in order to bring in extra sales A few things you should know about powerful lead magnets

I like giving away some free backlinks to clients, then they will likely come back and purchase from me even more, which is essentially a lead magnet working like a charm A few things you should know about powerful lead magnets

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There is magic in the word “free” because even if it is very common and probably trite already but the magic persists. Try selling something with a sign that includes the word free and you will be surprised that people will be checking on your store. I have seen wealthy guys who would flock to a small booth in the Sunday market simply because there were freebies for customers. Even rich people are after the word free.

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SEO have 3 types. White Hat SEO, Grey Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. White Hat SEO generate leads every time. Its the nature of White Hat SEO. White Hat SEO have 2 parts- ON page and Off page optimization. Basically Off page optimization related works produce lead from all over search engines worldwide.


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Well, sort of.

Lead generation is what you're aspiring to do through off page and on page SEO, but they're sort of different. You want to do SEO in order to get traffic to your website, which can be for various purposes like building a list, getting more views on your ads, or actually getting more sales.

As for there being 3 types of SEO, there really is only 2, and "Grey Hat SEO" is just people doing both black hat SEO as well as White Hat SEO but they don't want to say they're doing anything negative lol. Some people in the past tried saying they were doing "Blue Hat SEO" but that didn't last long haha A few things you should know about powerful lead magnets So, grey hat is still black hat, just not as much, so don't believe it when you hear it.

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When a blog is interesting to me, I would be going back from time to time just to see if there is something good. I understand that it is what you call lead magnet. But although we have defined a name for it, the problem is how to determine what makes the magnet. Maybe if the content of the website is informative and relevant then that can serve as the means to have a lead magnet.

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The main purpose of a lead magnet, is to make people to get on your email list, that will make them loyal customers, and will build up your company. Not every visitor on your site is a buyer, but if they leave their emails, then you can stay in touch with them and keep offering your services/products. So, honestly whenever you can afford them, then don't think a lot and hire one.

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Lead magnets are the primary reason why a potential customer will get attracted to the content on your blog or site. I think that when you a potential customer to your site through the lead magnet, it is then your primary responsibility to offer the best solutions to this person on the question that person has about the concerned subject. If you help this person in providing whatever he needs from your blog or site then you have successfully converted him into a loyal customer. I think that creating an effective lead magnet and nurturing it is crucial.

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