5 ways to boost your ROI with email marketing

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5 ways to boost your ROI with email marketing

People always get afraid of email marketing because they don't want to be seen as a spammer.  I'm here to tell you that if you do it right, it can be your main source of income since every top marketer will tell you it's the best ROI you can get when it comes to bringing in new sales.  You shouldn't be afraid of it, you should embrace email marketing, and that means you need to know what to do in order to get the biggest return for your time invested into it.

In this discussion I'll cover my 5 may ways to boost your ROI with email marketing, and they are:

Your timing needs to be perfect
If you're sending out emails whenever you think is right, and never changing up your times, you'll likely be screwing up majorly and not get the most out of each send.  You need to test this out to see when the best times for sending are with your lists.  Some people will say early in the mornings are the best time while others will say late at night is 10x better than the morning.  It all depends on who you're targeting and where they are if your lists are super geo-targeted then you wouldn't want to send out an email at midnight because no one will be on.  

Figure out the best times by testing it multiple times.  Usually, you can narrow down a 3-hour timeframe after just a few test emails going out.  Send a wave of emails out, see which ones have the best responses, record the times and send out another wave near the time of the best performing email from the first wave.  After 2 or 3 waves of emails, you will have a really good idea of when to send out your emails because now you've sent out a bunch and can calculate exactly when the peak times your lists are responding.

Have the right offer within each email
If you're always pitching to your lists you won't see a great return.  People want to see content and they will decide to make a purchase on their own if they want.  You also need to pair up the right products and services to the lists you're sending out.  A list containing people who love dogs won't want to see an SEO article or service in their email, they want to see something related to animals.

If you can pair up the right offers with specific lists your ROI will be very good.

Your subject line needs to be perfect
If you're just writing up "Click on my email now please!" you won't see many people opening it up.  You need to have catchy headlines in order to entice someone to click on it and see what's inside.  If you can attract people to your emails through your title alone, you've already won one of the 3 battles in email marketing, and those are: Open, Click, Buy

Have them well designed
You can send out a wall of text and hit the inbox fairly often, but no one wants to read something that bland.  They will likely click "Spam" because of how garbage the email looks, and that's never a good thing for your servers.  Instead, try getting a lightweight design for your emails and make sure it's specific to the niche you're targeting.  Your subscribers will read your emails more often and likely come to your website if you placed a link in the email.

Always follow up with your lists
If you're getting responses on your newsletters and not responding, you will essentially be losing sales.  You need to follow up with anyone that responds unless you clearly stated it's a nonresponsive email, but even then you shouldn't be sending emails from there anyway lol.

In conclusion
If you can follow these few simple tips you can boost your ROI with email marketing and be the next success story online (hopefully).  Email marketing isn't difficult to do if you build your own lists naturally, so be sure to never purchase a list and spam out to it, that will guarantee your server getting blacklisted.  Do everything legitimately, don't rush it, and make it look pretty in order to increase your ROI over time 5 ways to boost your ROI with email marketing

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Tommy Carey


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In email marketing you should have a very good product with mass appeal or a specialized product with a niche following and a qualified list of e-mails to start. Getting the list of verified qualified email addresses is the hard part, you can tap other industry niches to get this.

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I have been receiving an email about the verification of bank account. It looks like a legitimate email from the biggest bank in our country. But when I hovered on the button that I should click to verify, it has a different web address. Obviously it's a click bait that I'm sure many are fooled because it looked genuine.

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Ensuring that the subject line matches with what you are offering is a great way to get the readers enjoy every bit of the mail. The thing with some of the emails that I have received is that you end up not even understanding about the products/services that it is bringing to you and that is not nice.

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Thanks for sharing this wonderful tips on how to boost one's ROI in email marketing. I'm still new in using email marketing to make money, so I'm definitely going to see how I fit in those creative tips and get the best out of my email marketing in having a great turn over with my Return of Investment.

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Most people look down on email marketing thinking that people don't read them anymore and just treat it as spam, but they just fail to follow the basics of marketing and look insincere in the emails or desperate for clicks.

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Timing is key, I’m convinced! From the difference of sending out an email on a weekday versus a weekend, or first thing in the morning compared to last thing at night, there can be some big differences in reader engagement and then overall conversions to sales. It’s definitely important to keep timing in mind when contacting clients via email.

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Well yes sending emails to your contacts on a regular basis can be a big problem sometimes when you are really concerned with what kind of initial response you will get from the receivers. you never want to be considered by others as a spammer. I guess once you start sending emails on a regular basis to people you are more likely to feel confident at least if there is no negative response from the recipients. Sending right promotions at the right time and to the appropriate group of people can be the key to your success

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I don’t think you can escape that stigma of being a spammer because email marketing comes with that issue. Always be prepared for the reaction of the first-time receivers of your emails because you will never know what they will say to you. If you are sensitive to the words of other people I don’t think you can handle that kind of work because email marketing is a yeoman’s job in terms of emotional stress.

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