People don't want to hear about your product features, they want a story.

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People don't want to hear about your product features, they want a story.

When starting off, you might not know what you're doing when it comes to talking with clients on the phone about your product or service.  You'll likely talk about your product the entire time and what it's all about, but what if I told you that's a great way to lose the sale?  If you can craft a story where your product/service is being used, where your product/service is the logical next step in the story, or your product/service solved someone's problem then you can be a world-class salesman who closes an astronomical amount of new clients.

In this discussion, I'll be going over the main 3 points you need to think about when it comes to talking with clients on the phone and spinning a story instead of just talking about your products or services.

Sell a story, not your actual product
People hear pitches all of the time, so you need to be different and just tell them a story about your product or service.  One of the best ways to do this is to get the potential client thinking of themselves in the story without you having to say it.  You can figure out why they need your product or service without actually asking them, then talk about how a previous client was in a similar situation and how your product or service helped them out.  Now, you can't say "I had a client in your position not that long ago and here's why they loved our product!".  Instead, you need to piece together the potential client's problem, without asking them what it is, then compiles a fictional story where your previous client used your service or product while they were having a problem and it fixed everything.  The problem or need has to be the same as what the client is calling you about, and if you can do that, you will have a sale right away People don

Engage with them, but don't drag on
When you're talking with someone, you will need to limit the time you're on the phone for less than an hour.  This is because more than an hour is "tire kicker" time and people will just ask you everything on their mind without actually signing up, and that's an hour wasted of your own time that could have been better-spent closing.  To reduce this time, you need to tell them you have around 50 minutes to talk because you have a meeting with someone at a different company to see if you can partner up, which will be a lie but they will never know lol.

Usually, a call won't last longer than 30 minutes and most of the time it's just to touch base and figure out why you are the person/company for this potentially new client.   Most of the time they won't call to figure out what you can do for them, because that will all be on your website of publically available online somewhere.

Don't talk about pricing for more than 5 to 7 minutes.  This is because you can't craft a story if you're always talking about pricing.  You'll need to keep the prices until the end unless they bring it up beforehand, but the real business people will already have enough funds to pay your prices and they just want to talk before they make a decision.

At the very end of your conversation, talk about the next logical steps the potential client should take to work with you and build a professional business relationship.

Focus on why they need your product/service and not what it is
When you focus on the "what" of your product, you're just going to talk about the unique features you have and what your product does compare to your competitors.  If you focus on the "why" of your product, you will be able to get in the head of the potential client and talk about how your product is changing the landscape of your industry.

The "Why" is usually going to be talked about more than the "What" your product is.  This is because you won't be talking about your product but you will be talking about a scenario someone else was in and your product or service saved them.

In conclusion
Being in sales is a difficult thing if you're just starting off, so you need to refine your craft if you want to get better over time.  You can't talk about your product nonstop and you need to learn how to craft a story that engages with the new client where they can see themselves in the shoes of the person you're talking about.  If you can do that, you will be closing deals in no time People don

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At first i am agree with you for your content. But next need Best Quality Products in delivery time.

This is most important for every worker. Its bring to success for more product sell.

1.Sell a story, not your actual product
2.Engage with them, but don't drag on
3.Focus on why they need your product/service and not what it is

Thank you very much for your Informative content.

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