What we can learn from Kanye Wests recent controversial moment

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What we can learn from Kanye Wests recent controversial moment

We all know that making waves is a good thing if you're doing good, but what Kanye West did and said was a little too much in my opinion.  Sure, making waves in a negative way isn't always a career killer, and I don't think what he said will hurt him at all since he's already a megastar, but not having a filter is going to hurt him in the long run. 

First off he says that George Bush hates black people and now he supports Donald Trump and says slavery was a choice by those who were enslaved.  He's all over the place and some people are saying it's solely for record sales while others are saying he's just a whack job.  Regardless of what is really going on in his head, he's had a few great marketing blunders that have helped him make millions, and here's why:

He made waves and got in the spotlight
Kanye West had been in the spotlight for a long time and recently started to fade away due to Kylie Jenner becoming more active in the media.  Kanye was in every magazine after him and Kim had their baby North West, but Kylie started taking over and popping up everywhere there was something to be printed. 

I'm not a huge fan of any of the Kardashians or even Kanye, but what he did was pretty genius because no one was talking about any of the Kardashians because they were solely focused on Kanye.  Yes, I know he isn't a Kardashian, but he's a part of that clique now and will always be lumped in with them lol.

Supporting trump and saying slavery was optional while being a black man, is going to cause a ruckus especially if you're already a celebrity.  I'm sure his sales jumped up, his followers spiked, his everything is bigger now than it was before.  Yes, it wasn't the best publicity, but it got people to notice him and that's what it's all about.

His sales will likely jump due to controversy
Some people are saying that he did this only because he's a little crazy, not because he was trying to sell records, but regardless of why he said it, he will make more money in the long run.  Controversy as a celebrity, especially a being a rapper, will always boost your profits because people will now know who you are and what you do.

Think about it, how many people weren't thinking about Kanye until he popped up on TMZ and said what he said?  Probably the masses of followers that he has, but now they're all thinking about him and a lot of them may have made a stop at iTunes to purchase one of his songs or even an entire album. 

Make America great again!
Kanye is a supporter of Donald Trump, which isn't a good or bad thing, but being a black man that supports Donald Trump isn't what the majority of the community would do.  He actually created waves with his one Instagram post where he was wearing a "Make America Great Again" hats, which seemed to blow over quickly, and maybe that's why his new outburst of "Slavery was optional" had come out. 

People say Kanye is an honest and good man, but maybe he does these things thinking he's right, which will still make him seem like a genuine person when you talk to him one on one.  Or maybe it's all a ploy just to bump up his sales lol.

In conclusion
What Kanye West did was a dangerous jump to get in the medias eyes, which has worked so far, but could actually hurt him later on down the road when he tries to sign up at a venue that is owned by a black business owner who doesn't want him to perform solely because of what he said on TMZ.  On the other hand, he could be opening up doors to venues that he couldn't get into, and that could actually increase his schedule.  In the end, we'll never really know what was going through his mind when he was saying it, but we can all agree that he's now everywhere online as well as on TV and that's what a lot of us are trying to do What we can learn from Kanye Wests recent controversial moment

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God knows I love Kanye, back in the day, when his first album dropped, those tracks were ahead of their time. No other rap / hip hop or rnb artist or music at that time really had as much heart and soul as his music did? And his tracks were very catchy as well, Through the Wire, Family Business, All Falls Down.. man, those tracks, those lyrics, all of his history, pain, sweat, blood and tears & raw talent coming through and he still makes some good songs today, and has some great collabs Daft Punk Stronger, T-Pain Good Life, All Of The Lights Rihanna Kid Cudi they're good tunes. For that, for those tunes and just the respect his tracks and music commands, I forever bow down and have eternal love for Kanye West despite his quarks! LOL What we can learn from Kanye Wests recent controversial moment

That said, fast forward 20+ years and as cliché as it is and sounds, he really has let the fame and fortune they say can go to your head, go to his head? Lol.. Sure, it's good to be controversial at times, like when you're on tour or before releasing an album or when just trying to come up to get some exposure. But when you're already as rich as Bill Gates, when you're already a house hold name like Dr Dre, Micheal Jackson or something. When you don't need to say something that could possibly make some people turn in their grave, just for the sake of talking and hearing the sound of your own voice, well, then you just don't?

I love you Kanye man, but oi vey write a book or something mate! What we can learn from Kanye Wests recent controversial moment

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Well, if you ask me he did all for publicity since his album is coming out or something? I'm not really his fan or the fan of Donald Trump but I do think that he lost a lot of credibility in the public eyes. I saw that so many famous people (on top of regular) unfollowed him on Twitter after his meltdown.

I agree that his sales will likely spike up a bit but it's a very risky move.

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When it comes to big issues there is always 2 sides and you don’t know which holds the majority so it is a big gamble when you make waves. Being a celebrity with so many fans I think Kanye West has the guts simply because he knows that there are people who are backing him up and no matter if he goes against the tide he will not melt down with his fans who will always be there even if there are strays.

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I think sometimes people, especially celebrities, choose a controversy. Sometimes people are thrust into a controversy. But with celebrities, I just assume a controversy is CREATED FOR PUBLICITY. Why? Because most of the time that is the reason.

Frankly, it wouldn't make a difference to the non-fans. If you're not a fan, you're just not a fan. But if you are a fan? Hey! Show business is risky business. All the celebs know it. So they take their chances.

Now for those others who find themselves in the midst of an unplanned controversy, the best thing they can do is STAY TRUE TO THEIR HEARTS. Hey! They are not the first person that ever got thrown into the fire and they won't be the last. The question is whether they will emerge from the fire unscathed or even better because of the ordeal. What we can learn from Kanye Wests recent controversial moment

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Kanye says what Kanye wants, and this isn't really his first rodeo regarding controversial comments. In addition, sure, some of his followers and sales are because of the controversies he's been in over the years, but the guy has actual talent in his industry and he got most of his fans through his skills in the music industry.

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It's an old saying and I wholeheartedly agree with it: "Any publicity is good publicity."

Some people might think that isn't true, because they might be feel that they want to hold some sort of positive public image were they in that position. It's understandable, but it's an easy way to fade into obscurity.

Now, I'm not saying that you should be in the headlines for eating babies in Tihuana while on a crystal meth fueled bender; there's a limit. But saying something controversial like Kanye is an easy way to get back into the news and potentially gain new fans.

I say the reward is worth the risk, because odds are he'll gain more listeners for his next album than he loses. I doubt there are many anti-Trump Kanye fans who are passionate enough about their political views to stop listening to his music.

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Well I think it's all about publicity. Artist needs that. Bad or good publicity, is still publicity, whether about political or personal, and his PR man knows where to get more publicity to sell his incoming album, and that idea is just simply involve his self to the political topic and ride to the popularity of trump.

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I feel like it's true what people say - all publicity is good publicity, no matter if it's negative. I don't know if I'd want to drum up negative publicity, but I get what they mean - his name was splashed in the news for a significant amount of time, and that just makes people remember him.

I do think that Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian are clever business people so I wouldn't be surprised if the controversy was generated on purpose.

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I'm not also a fan of Kardashians or Kanye. Kanye West for sure hires a good PR so he can get good publicity. Nice strategies for putting the spotlight on Kanye. For some celebrities, business is business they will do everything to market themselves so I don't know why Kanye supporting Trump or making a controversial statement but definitely he's making a noise to get some attention.

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Controversy is always in the news particularly regarding celebrities. Whether they admit it or not, a controversy will stir the attention of the public towards their direction. One movie here caused quite a stir when the director criticized his actor. The movie was still showing in theaters so it is obvious that the controversy, whether it was for real or just for the promotion of the movie, will surely attract the attention of the public.

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I think many people have found kanye west to be more or less controversial. Even the Elon musk seems to be into this for many reasons. And that being said, there are some of the celebs who are into this for the social media chaos. And they seem to be not much adding value to the society.

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It's hard to say why people do things. Do they do things from the heart or for advancement? For instance, Harry Truman, the former US president, came from the south - and from private conversations etc. sounded no different than a typical southern bigot! Nonetheless, he did desegregate the Armed Forces basically making himself the godfather of Civil Rights. It all set a chain reaction leading to the present day equality in America.

Anyway, the kicker is that some think he only advanced Civil Rights to get black votes. You see, he was in a tough race against Dewey and many Americans were sick of Democrats. OK, in that case, some black votes would bump things up and also keep Democrats from losing blacks - who had just recently deserted the Republican party - the party of Lincoln.

OK, anyway, my own view is that people more than not, do thing partly out of wanting advancement and partly out of conviction. However, I don't know if that's Truman's case but I highly suspect it.

So, in business, are you doing things only for advancement - or do you have ethics?

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You need to remember that Kanye West is a lyrical genius. I agree that some of his album sales were as a result of the controversy but his album was amazing. I generally don't like rap but this is one of my best albums of 2018. I agree though that controversy sells.Unfortunately as human beings we can be so shallow. We are attracted to the shiny things which in most cases have no value. That's why people like Kim Kardashian are celebrated and held up as examples in society, but they have no real talent. Remember how she got there.

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Publicity, whether good or bad is publicity still. I believe even if Kanye will be giving out controversial statements to the world, it would still benefit him up to a certain extent. Kanye is a talented person. He has already established a certain level of stability in the music and entertainment industry. Some people may hate it but some people idolize and love him.
I remember Nike who is known for using controversial for their campaign. Although they receive a lot of backlash, Nike is still able to increase their sale. I see the same with Kanye. He is ready to receive backlash but it is always a win-win situation for him. Up to a certain extent I admire Kanye for speaking out and standing for whatever he believes. Not everybody has the guts to stand for what they believe in.

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