Host your own marketing conference that isn't horrible

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Host your own marketing conference that isn't horrible

No matter how big you are, you can always host a get together or a marketing conference in order to boost sales and your own authority.  If you want to host it for profits, you can do that too, but that would require people to purchase a ticket in order to attend and that might not work if you aren't well known.

Conferences are a pretty common thing when it comes to marketing, we've all heard of them and some are actually pretty big, and you can run one just like the biggest get togethers in the world if you really want to. 

Below are a few things you'll need to focus on if you want to run your own marketing conference that isn't horrible, and they are:

Find Sponsors
The people or companies that are willing to sponsor your conference are the ones who will essentially be paying for your staff and pretty much anything else you need to pay for prior to getting the ball rolling.  Sponsors will purchase banner placements either on your website, in the actual conference areas, and on any form of advertisement that is handed out.  They will want the premium placement of their advertisements in order to get a return on their investment, if they don't make any money then you'll likely lose the chance to have them come back next time you need some cash from them up front for a sponsorship spot.

You'll have to tier your sponsorship levels so there is something like a bronze, silver, gold, and a platinum or diamond level where each has its own perks.  Obviously, the higher the package is the better the perks the sponsor will get when your conference is actually going on. 

Find a Venue
Depending on your location, it could be difficult or rather easy to find a venue for your next amazing conference.  You could actually rent out a conference center that is designed specifically for these types of events or you could look at hotels in your area and see which ones have a large enough ballroom, or a bunch of rooms, that can accommodate the number of people you hope to have.

The only downside of this is you might have to sign an agreement for XXX or even X,XXX amount of people and have a certain amount of rooms under your name.  This would mean if the event is a flop, you still have to pay for the rooms, which is something that could kill a company.

If this is your first marketing conference, start small and work with the hotels or building and see if they can expand your area if needed.  Usually, the hotel or conference building will work with you and expand if your numbers start to go higher than expected Host your own marketing conference that isn

Acquire professional speakers
when you run a conference, the biggest draw are the keynote speakers that are going to be on stage talking to everyone.  The bigger the names you have, the more likely you'll get people to flood through the doors of your marketing conference.  If you get some massively known names, you can easily charge $XXX for a ticket and profit a decent amount per event Host your own marketing conference that isn  Think about it, if you were to get Tai Lopez and/or Neil Patel to attend as keynote speakers, their following alone would fill your event to capacity.  They would tweet, post, share, etc. that they will be attending your conference as a keynote speaker and that would be enough to fill the place.

The downside of bringing on massive names is they will want some sort of payment up front.  If you're not paying, they'll go somewhere else that is!  This is where your sponsorships come into play, you can use those funds to pay a big name and next year maybe you can get 2 or 3 because you'll draw in more sponsors who would be willing to pay 2 or 3 times more Host your own marketing conference that isn

Geo target your marketing
A lot of people won't travel a long distance to attend a conference unless it already has been going on for a long time and has credibility.  Another way they'll travel great distances is if you host this conference in Las Vegas, Nevada Host your own marketing conference that isn  People will go for the conference and gamble during their downtime lol Host your own marketing conference that isn

What you can do, if you're not in Vegas, is geo target a specific group of people related to your industry.  This will show them an ad to your conference and they will get all the information they need to figure out if they want to attend.  If you don't target your ads properly, you'll get clicks from random viewers who may not know what your conference is about.  So, before you start anything and pay for a single click, you need to be sure your ads are set up just right to convert people into signups Host your own marketing conference that isn

Give away party favors/goodie bags
One of the cool things about attending a big conference is you get a sort of goodie bag when you leave.  Usually, you're just going to get a single bag of goodies when you attend, and your pass will be tagged as you received it, which is what I suggest you do if you don't want to have people taking 10+ goodie bags lol.

Sponsors come into play with the goodie bags as well, because this is another place you can get some advertising going out to everyone that attends.  You can put flyers in there that have discount codes for each sponsor, or you can just have information pamphlets to show your sponsors websites/businesses in hopes to have them gain some additional clients.  If you're working with sponsors that have physical products, you can try and get them to donate a bunch of product and you can put it in the bags for the attendees, but that won't always happen due to how much their products cost.

In conclusion
Running your own marketing conference isn't exactly the easiest thing to do, but it's not the most difficult either, so if you want to run your own I would highly suggest you do plenty of research prior to signing any sort of agreements.  Talk with hundreds of businesses to see if they would be interested in sponsoring your next marketing conference, but be ready for a lot of them turning you down, you'll just need to keep pushing and you're going to have some people sign up as sponsors Host your own marketing conference that isn  Your first conference likely won't be massive, so you'll need to continually build off of it and keep your attendees experience top notch and fun so they come back next year Host your own marketing conference that isn

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Tommy Carey


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I think this is a big help for business owners, if you look at those few things to focus it is not as simple as that because you will need a better source or you will build a good relationships with other business man or sponsors that you are targeting to provide your giveaways and you must also know more and communicate in people with business in order to achieve that idea. And most important you have lots of money to work it out.

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It is a big event to be hosting a marketing conference because aside from the organizing committee that will handle the invitation up to the venue, you will be needing sponsors unless you have the money for the expenses. But if that will push through then it would be a feather on your cap because as the host of the conference you get to know all the participants personally and naturally they will look up to you as an authority.

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I think the most important thing to have when taking on an idea like this is, social skills. If you're not the most sociable person, hosting one of these conferences in hopes of gaining a following or gaining customers, is a bad idea. After all, gatherings never work without a GOOD host.

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You are absolutely right, being a good host is good because it's what would make you make good plans in details of how to capture the interest of those whom you invited to the conference and ensure that they are not disappointed wasting time. Also I would like to add that bringing something to offer to the table before asking for something in return, just like making a deal would guarantee the success of the conference.

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I have noticed that something like this has been done by the TED. And they seem to be doing this in every type of the industry. Here the focus is not just on the getting power-point slides. But more on the hands on and approach for the code. So it may differ in that context. I think such webinars and the conference add a lot of customer level value for the brand.

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I’ve definitely found that things like the right venue make a massive difference in how successful a conference is. We’ve also run events where speakers haven’t been the best - and it reflects in the turnout. It pays to invest so that you can ensure a good turnout!

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Your have shared great marketing strategies in this blog.I have noted few of them for my next superior essay writing.Thank you so much for sharing this.

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This is one of the tricks and techniques we were taught during university days and it's such a wonderful way to get good publicity for your brand. It's more of a press or news conference, and getting good sponsors will favor you.

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MArketing conferences are great ways to get publicity for your brand, but not planning enough for one can also give your business a very bad reputation that can be tough to recover from as the business name will be constantly attached to that one failed event, and subsequent events will just be met with tons of skepticism. But if it works, it's really a huge boost, so make sure to prepare adequately.

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To be honest, finding sponsors is the hardest part of the project. I know of some radio announcers who have that problem of getting sponsors for their radio program. However, if you have a good marketing person to handle the job, it would be easy because I had seen such persons how they operate. First is they try to get as much information about the sponsors. Second is the charting the strategy on how to sell their product. The other ingredient is the gift of gab, of course.

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