Using Superbowl commercials to make your own ads better

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Using Superbowl commercials to make your own ads better

When we think of the Super Bowl, a few things come to our minds like the teams playing to be #1 and the Puppy Bowl that plays alongside the actual game. One thing that a lot of marketers don't think of taking notes from are the actual commercials that play during the Super Bowl. Each commercial this year was priced over $5,000,000 for a 30-second spot, which comes out to roughly $167,000 every single second the commercial is running. The commercials can go for that much because of how many eyes will actually be on the commercial when it's airing. People don't leave their couches when the commercials come on, because it's known that Super Bowl commercials tend to be funnier than an everyday commercial, and that's why we keep our eyes on the televisions Using Superbowl commercials to make your own ads better

The great thing about these commercials is there are massive marketing teams putting in thousands of hours to construct the best commercial that people will remember as well as boost their own sales and popularity. Remember, there are only 30 seconds to jam thousands of hours of work into, so each second needs to be carefully thought out and that means no calculation can be off even a little bit.

Business owners can learn a lot from these multi-million dollar commercials, such as:

Think about the environment in the commercial
When I think about the company that used their environment the best, I think of the Febreze commercial that I saw once during the super bowl. They had a bunch of people over at someone's house for a super bowl party, which is great targeting since many people are having parties, but they showed why their product is great for before and after the party. Your house will be fresh for when people show up to your home for the super bowl party and you could also use their product after the people leave when the game is over.

The environment has to be relatable and inviting if you can do that with your own ads, you can boost your sales exponentially because people can see themselves doing what the commercial just showed. This trick can be used in banner advertising, PPC campaigns, etc. Just make sure your landing page is inviting and sets the tone Using Superbowl commercials to make your own ads better

Use various advertising channels
When it comes to marketing, you'll always want to increase your chances of getting in front of the right person, which means you'll need to be on various channels. You could be running PPC campaigns on Facebook, Adwords, and BingAds to bring in sales as well as putting up banners through BuySellAds to target all those website visitors where the site doesn't have Adsense added to their pages.

You will also need to be on social media, posting great content, in order to continually bring people in. I would assume if you're a small business or solo entrepreneur you're not going to be using commercials to bring in customers, and that means every other advertising channel is even more important to pull in sales.

Have the insight to draw people to you
When you are running some advertising campaigns, you need to end with the person thinking "Oh yeah! They are a good company for that!" which would be you being the company and "that" being your service or product lol. If someone can connect with your business on an emotional level, they will remember you for a long time, which will increase your sales exponentially over time and elongate your business life.

One commercial I saw that did this well was from Verizon. They had a call in progress from a dispatcher relaying a message to a first responder, and the first responder getting to the scene. They then showed that the call was done through the Verizon network, which saved a life, and people started to think "Verizon does more than just power my own cell phone, they help save lives" which is a great thing to have in someone's mind when you change an insane amount of money for your monthly plans lol Using Superbowl commercials to make your own ads better

Make it funny and put a smile on their face
When I think of the super bowl, I think of all the funny commercials that are going to be airing, and this year the super bowl didn't disappoint lol. If you can make your advertisements funny, they will be remembered easier, and that means they will be shared more from people who are looking for them to show others Using Superbowl commercials to make your own ads better

One of my favorite commercials, during the super bowl, was the M&Ms one with Danny DeVito in it. The red M&M finds a penny on the ground and wishes he were human so people would stop trying to eat him. He turned into Danny DeVito and proceeded to walk around asking if strangers wanted to eat him. After a few people turning him down, he was in an intersection yelling something along the lines of "No one wants to eat me!" and then gets hit by a bus. He gets launched into a vegetable stand, near the brown M&M who was in the commercial in the beginning, and DeVito says "No one wants to eat me". Right after that, the brown M&M says "Yeah, but you're still short" and the commercial ends lol Using Superbowl commercials to make your own ads better

This commercial showed me that using a familiar face, one that is seen as funny, and having them do crazy stuff like asking strangers if they want to eat him is going to work well lol. If you aren't running commercials, you can do this with simple YouTube videos, but you might not get a familiar face to work with you. Just keep it fun and it will eventually spread as long as it's not a blatant advertisement Using Superbowl commercials to make your own ads better

Repeat your message
Just like in the M&Ms commercial, where DeVito said "Do you want to eat me?" multiple times, it was basically asking people if they wanted to eat M&Ms. I don't even like M&Ms that much, but I still think about them when that commercial pops up in my head. If you can repeat your message a few times in a couple minutes, you'll notice a lot more success from your advertising activities. Of course, this won't be the same with a PPC ad, but your landing pages can repeat the message Using Superbowl commercials to make your own ads better

In conclusion
I'm not saying you have to run a bunch of commercials on TV or pay $5 million or more on a super bowl ad, I'm saying you can get some tips from these multi-million dollar commercials and see what they did in order to boost your own success. There were massive marketing teams in place for each commercial, because they needed their time to be as valuable as possible, which is why most of the commercials were funny as well as easy to remember Using Superbowl commercials to make your own ads better Use these commercials for your PPC campaigns or banner ad campaigns and study everything that is coming in, usually it will be better than running some basic text campaign sending traffic to a sales page Using Superbowl commercials to make your own ads better

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I think when it comes to any creative endeavor, it's good to think outside the box so that you stand out from the crowd. But at the same time, there are certain fundamentals which are just proven to work. And the fact is that no one has these fundamentals nailed the way that big companies do. Because of this, it's never a bad idea to try and learn from--and sometimes imitate--the techniques of those who have already made it big. I definitely agree with this method, as I think anyone would agree that Super Bowl commercials take good marketing and distill it to perfection.

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Exactly, you always need to stand out from the crowd if you want to get noticed in this big competitive world. If you go with the flow, mimic the competitors, and do what people tell you, you won't notice much success coming your way Using Superbowl commercials to make your own ads better Every Superbowl ad was unique and well thought out, with some working better for the advertisers and others not getting the recognition they had hoped.

You can imitate your competitors' advertising campaigns, but you don't want to mimic them fully because you won't be putting in your own voice to the advertisements and that will result in your viewers seeing right through you Using Superbowl commercials to make your own ads better

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On the contrary, I find the Superbowl commercials very popular simply because it is connected to the Superbowl which is the most popular sport in the US. What if you make your ads with a similar word to Superbowl like a lampoon so that it can get attraction from the public? Let’s say your ad is about Shopperbowl which is an activity that will be like Black Friday in terms of discounts, what do you think?

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I think that would actually work quite well, and I believe I’ve actually seen similar tactics being used around the internet. I can’t remember any specific examples at the moment, but I definitely recall people adding “bowl” to the end of stuff as a marketing tactic.

That being said, while I agree the popularity of Super Bowl commercials has a lot to do with the Super Bowl itself, the fact is that the commercials that air during the game are considered to be some of the best of the best. It is incredibly expensive to get a slot for your commercial during the Super Bowl, so companies go out of their ways to break out the most amazingly creative commercials they can churn up.

I know this specifically because when I was in film class, we actually had to analyze a number of Super Bowl commercials and figure out what made them better than a standard commercial you’d see on regular television.

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One thing I've noticed in commercials is that being funny is often so paramount that the commercial never mentions the subject - which is often boring. For instance, imagine an insurance company with some funny video and then at the end they mention the company name. Anyway, the people who make such ads aren't dummies. The goal is to quickly grab the viewer's attention, one that might tempt him/her to change the channel.

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All of the points discussed above are definitely going to help one get the best out of one's advert commercial campaigns. The points I really agree with are having to air your commercials through various channels in order to have wider coverage. Also make the commercial not to look too serious because it would certainly bore viewers and finally you should never look down on the power of repetition. This helps your message to be well registered in the viewers or listeners mind and this gets them to remember you first anytime they have needs for your services.

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Yes, why re invent the wheel? If you see a commercial that is well done, there is no reason that you can't do one well too. You can use some of the same methods they used, without spending megabucks. You may not have a high powered marketing team, but you can use some of the same methods.

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I think having a funny commercial always help in boosting your sales. Taking a cue from successful adverts will help you create your own ads. I am yet to explore advertising options for my websites, however, I might start an ad campaign soon. I want to boost sales of my amazon books through advertising.

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Superbowl commercials in my opinion have gotten a lot less creative and well thought out since the ones produced even 4 years ago. But I do think that the one element you can gleam from them is pushing the envelope and crushing any imagination-based borders with your own advertisements.

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It’s not just the Superbowl commercial but any other good commercials that we see on tv can serve as inspirational input for our own commercials. Take for instance the tv commercial for detergent where the laundrywoman wears something colorful. That attire is eye-catching and that’s already an idea for attraction. And the way the laundrywoman speaks, she obviously hails from the rural area but is in the city now. That start contrast has a meaning. Again, that’s another idea to dwell on for your own commercial.

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I agree.There is a lot we can learn from the Superbowl commercials. These companies have a large audience and they try to make the most of it. They try to be their most creative and to grab as much attention as possible.This is a good lesson to advertisers to find out what kind of advertising appeals to people.This is free market research.They can follow up to find out what commercials are trending most and people's reactions to them.

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