Why you should keep your personal and business life separate

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Why you should keep your personal and business life separate

We all know that separation of church and state is there for a reason, but so is the separation of personal and business life!  You can't mingle the two and still be super successful online, because it's the same as adding oil to water, they don't go well together.  Your personal life should stay personal and that means you should be with your family and friends while you're home or out an about.  Your business life should stay in the office or wherever you work, and that's it, you shouldn't bring home any work anger or stress because that will hurt your personal life over time.

Working from home is another topic all together because your home is your office.  You will need to have a room that is dedicated to work, and only work, so everyone knows that you're working when you're there.  I have a desk in my basement, in a little cornered out area that is perfect for my office, and my family knows not to bother me if I'm over there working.  They will come down and let me know when lunch or dinner is ready, and they'll also come down to let me know we're leaving in 30 minutes because I tend to forget personal schedules when I'm in work mode lol Why you should keep your personal and business life separate 

In this discussion I'll be going over why you should separate your personal and business life.  There's no guide to show you exactly what you should do, but here are a few things you should try:

Leave your business at work
When you have your own office, at home or at a physical location outside of your house, you will need to keep all business there.  This means you need to turn off you work phone, or let everyone know to never contact you after you leave, so that you will truly leave everything there.  You will not want to bring a laptop home with you because this will encourage you to get online and fix anything that may have broken.  You should have plans in place to go into effect when something breaks, which will help you keep your work at your actually business. 

Keep personal drama at home
When you're fighting with a loved one, like a girlfriend or husband, you won't want to bring that negativity to work with you because it will cause friction within the work place.  Your work life will be less productive, and you might actually cause other people to be less productive because of your negativity that day.  People won't want to work with you because of your negative attitude, which could actually lead to your release from the company and now you're really going to have some personal drama when you tell your significant other you don't have any source of income!  Play it safe, keep the drama at home, and everyone will thank you for it by not arguing with you at work lol.

Personal life in a business setting decreases productivity
Like I mentioned above, personal problems aren't a great thing in an office setting because it will decrease your productivity.  You might be on the phone all the time to fix the problem, which reduces the amount of work you actually get done at the office, and will hurt your goals or profits.  If you bring your personal life to work with you, it better be a single photograph of your family and that's it lol.  You won't want to load your desk up with tons of pictures, because you could actually get home sick and want to leave sooner than your suppose to, which will kill your productivity due to you being distant when working.

Business life brought home can hurt relationships
If you don't finish your work, it doesn't mean you should bring it home, mainly because you could hurt your relationship due to your partner thinking you work too much.  You may think your partner is over reacting when they tell you that you're working too much, but one small task to finish at home could turn into two small things, and before you know it you just worked through dinner and the kids are going to bed.  I've actually done this a few times, but my wife understands that I don't have a set 9 to 5 schedule and I have to finish my work when it comes in.  She knows that when I'm writing content for clients, I have to get it done well, or I could get some negative reviews that hurt my future sales.  I lucked out with my lady, but some people doing that same thing as I am aren't as lucky.  So, try to leave work at your office and hang out with your family and friends when you can. 

In conclusion
Separating work and personal lives can be difficult if you do everything on your own as a freelancer or a solo business owner.  Even though it's difficult, you need to work on the process of separating the two so everyone is happy, not just you lol.  You don't want to bring drama to work and you don't want to bring work home, because that will cause the drama that you might bring with you when you go to the office.  It's a harsh circle of events that is hard to escape once it starts, so try to avoid it at all costs if you can Why you should keep your personal and business life separate

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I agree with you that mixing personal life feelings with business isn't a good idea. It will affect the mood ad mix feelings that trigger more problems . Work is work, personal life problems should be settle at home.

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I definitely agree with you on this. Family life should not be mixed with business life. But Family life should be prioritized.

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I once had a retail job and in the break room (where you had to clock in to start your day and be paid for it) was a sign posted to the wall that basically said something along the lines of "Leave your problems at the door". But of course it never worked, since there are those select few in the workplace that just loves to gossip -- about everything.

Whenever I work a day job, whether it is seasonal, part time or even full time I never talk about my life outside of the workplace because it is no one's business. I do not want co-workers to know me other than for working at the same place they do. Sometimes people may see this as being rude, but I practice the whole "leave your work at work, leave your stuff from home at home". The day will go by much more smoothly if no one knows you other than from your workplace.

Practicing the "leave work at work, or leave home at home" can eliminate a lot of potential issues that could occur for you. People are very nosy these days, and if they want to find more about you they will on their own terms. So my motto: Don't bring work to home, and dont bring home to work. Why you should keep your personal and business life separate

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There aren't many people like you out there who work with others in close proximity. Before I started working online I was in a 9 to 5 job at a banquet hall and worked with over 40 people every single day. I would talk with all the servers, bartenders, management, coordinators, general managers, and even the people who the party was for. If just one person was stressed out about their personal life and brought that to work, it would sometimes spread to the rest of the employees and the overall feel of the room would change because of other people getting annoyed by the one person bringing their personal problems to work.

I'm like you, I leave my personal problems at home and my work stays at work. The only problem now is that I work from home and it's tougher for me to do this lol. Over the past few years, I've gotten better at this because I'll turn off my work phones and close my laptop so I can hang out with my family. The one good thing is that my family doesn't really understand what I do, even if I sit them down and explain everything, which helps me keep business and personal life separate since they don't understand it anyway lol Why you should keep your personal and business life separate

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With the social media around, I don’t think it is easy to separate the personal life with the business life especially if you are working in a big company. But people in my social media account do not know that I am into freelancing because I am keeping it a secret. Of course, everyone knows that I work in a bank and it’s been 30 years already that there is not reason to hide it.

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It's just like mixing business with pleasure at the same, it never favors the business because it's definitely going to negatively affect such business productivity. The same thing is applicable with having your personal life run in with your business activities. It's bound to ruin things for the entrepreneur.

Finding a way to map out your work territory and personal life/home territory is the best way to go about this. Let each one operate within its own area of jurisdiction without having to interfere with the dealings of each other.

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This reminds me of one management training that I had attended. Don’t get too personal in the office because business is business and you should be business like all the time. Until now I am still doing that. There is a demarcation line between business talks and personal talks. I only talk personally to my friends but not to any colleague. I agree that business should not be brought home and vice versa, home issues should not be brought to the office. It is as if you are maintaining 2 personalities

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When you are a freelancer working from home, it is quite difficult to separate your business life with personal life. Actually, for a freelancer, personal life is always ingrained in professional life or vice versa. When you are working from home, your professional life will get a lot of distractions from personal life. It is necessary to segregate your personal life and professional life, but it is very difficult to do this.

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I think that one of the worst things that you can do in business is become friends with employees. Because once that they feel that you are friends with them they start slacking off at work because they are no longer afraid of losing their job because they are friends with the boss.

I also agree with keeping personal life at home and your business life at your business. Because if you're having problems at home and bring them up to work people may think less of you depending on what problems that you may be having. The same thing can be said about bringing business problems at home, your wife may think less of you depending on the problem.

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I agree with you 100% on that becoming friends with employees part. Along with being fearless about losing their job they also tend to become fearless about losing their tongue and might say things that will make you regret your decision of becoming friends with them day and night. There is a reason why in each culture of the world they made some ethics to keep a distance between the employee and the employer.

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You have said it all, businesses and personal stuffs don't go down well, that's why I can't have a relationship with someone who still works were I work, emotions can be unstable it becomes worst when you mix it up with your personal life. When it's work then so be it, when it's personal stuffs same goes for it. Keep them apart your life will be less stressful.

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Separating the two is like organizing our cabinet not to be messy. When our cloths get mix up it make us spend more time to look for the cloths we want to use. Just like work and personal life, when we took our work from home, it can affect people around us because we don't have that time to spend time with them.

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Well said, Business is business, family always family. you need to know to put a barrier between the two, its difference and importance. Don't bring your business work in home liked that your still working while your already in front of your family, time mangement is a must also. Give time to your family as well and if you have a problem in your house just leave it there, don't bring that problem in your workplace it may affect your reputation or may lead to misunderstanding with your co-worker.

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