Motivation Monday! The main business killing behavior that guarantees failure

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Motivation Monday! The main business killing behavior that guarantees failure

When you start working online, you'll likely stay up late doing everything you can to make money, just like all of us have to get where we are today.  Some of us are more successful than others, and some may have not made a single penny yet, but that doesn't mean you should stop trying.  People get worried all the time when they're investing hundreds of hours online and not yet a success within their industry.  I'm here to tell you that it's perfectly normal to not see a vast amount of clients throwing money at you in the early stages.  In fact, you'll probably lose money in the beginning if you're doing everything right!  Why will you lose money in the beginning if you're doing everything right?  Because you'll be branding yourself as well as your business, you'll be building massive amounts of content for your website and blog, you'll be optimizing everything you can to boost your rankings, you'll be building partnerships to share leads, you'll be running a business! 

Branding alone will take a lot of time and money to do right, which a lot of people don't understand.  You need to build up your name within your industry, and you might not make any sales along the way.  Just running a branding campaign can kill a lot of peoples drive to keep pushing their online business even another day.  They will feel defeated and think it's not worth another minute of their time, which could be right if they're not learning from their mistakes. 

So, what is this one business killing behavior that guarantees failure?  Taking a hands off approach to building your company to be the best within your industry.

You Can't Be Lazy!

I'm sure you've read through plenty of eBooks and seen plenty of ads saying you can make $500 or even $1,000+ per day with an easy method, and I'll let you know right now that whoever is saying that to you is just trying to make a commission off of you signing up lol.  The majority of people who make money online have learned how to do it themselves, they didn't sign up for some system and were instantly rich, they weren't lazy and busted their butts to get sales each and every day. 

I'm sure you've seen the movie "the social network" which is vaguely about how Facebook was created and brought into the light.  If you haven't seen the movie, I highly suggest you go watch it, it's not 100% accurate but it's still a decent movie in the end.  In one part of the movie they are in a rented house with computers all over the place, and Mark Zuckerburg is locked up in a room and comes out after 16 hours of coding.  He didn't see this as a task that he was forced to do, he did it because it was needed, and that's how you need to think of your own work habit.

If you're lazy, you won't last long running your own business because it's not an easy thing to do.  There's a saying out there "Entrepreneurs will work 60 hours a week so they don't have to work 40" and that basically means that we will work more in order to not have a 9 to 5 job listening to a boss tell us what to do.  We might make less, we might make more, but we will always bust our butts in order to not have a "job". 

Later on, when you've invested thousands of hours into your business in what seems like a few weeks, you will start to make enough money which will allow you to bring on an employee.  This employees role is to do stuff you don't necessarily want to do, or what they are specialists in, so that you don't have to worry about those tasks yourself.  This will free up your time a bit and you can focus more on what is left in order to be less stressed.  If you're lazy, you will try to outsource everything in the beginning, and that never really works because you don't know the inner workings of what is being built.  Get your fingers into your own business and bring someone on later when you begin to crack from all the pressure of constantly working 14 hour days.  You can even outsource the work to the Philippines where they do amazing work and cost roughly as much as the same specialist from India.

Think of it this way, you're going to invest all of your time so you can build something for a team to run later on.  You will need to push back your laziness and create something amazing prior to bringing people on board to help you out.  This way you will make some money and can afford to pay the VA's from the profits of your website and not out of your own pocket. 

When I started off, I just wanted to make money online and over time it turned into a hobby.  I get excited when I get an idea for a new website, not because it could make a lot of money, but because it's just fun to me and I love doing it.  I love figuring out the design, what the logo will look like, understanding my target marketing and demographic, as well as what keywords I can target in the beginning vs the ones that should be targeted later on Motivation Monday! The main business killing behavior that guarantees failure  The only thing with me though, I technically use all my own money to fund these websites since I have a company behind them.  I never invest any of the money from my personal bank account, just my business PayPal and bank account, so I'm sort of not using my own money lol.

In the end, if you aren't lazy or can push it down because you know you can make plenty of money online, you will succeed online.  There's no set time to know how long it will take to succeed, you just need to be diligent and stick with it until something starts to stick.  When you see an uptick in traffic and sales, stick with that website or niche and see how far you can take it.  Eventually, you will be making enough money to reinvest into another website and business model in order to make even more money Motivation Monday! The main business killing behavior that guarantees failure

When I was thinking of this discussion I thought it would be more of a "how to" but it turned out more a "Motivational Monday" sort of post Motivation Monday! The main business killing behavior that guarantees failure  So Stop Being Lazy And Lets All Make Money On Monday!

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I think it's okay to explore any great business idea or venture you may have. But just be sure not to spread yourself too thin. If you can juggle 2 or 3 projects and profit at the same time, great. But if expanding that list to four or five will be tough to near impossible without stressing you out or causing slippage in other areas, then it's best to stick to what you currently have.

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You remind me of a former colleague who resigned from his office job to venture into the business of catering. Being successful with the business he expanded to have small restaurants that served as his livelihood. It was going great in the beginning until the restaurants were so many that he had lost time and focus. Eventually his business empire went down to ashes. Now he is left empty-handed.

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This was really a tonic for the lazy bones.What killed a lot of us is lazy attitude.we are lazy in both mind and action.we shouldn't keep our hands folded to make money, it can't happen that way.if one is working online then working on 3-4 sites is a great idea or one combines both online and offline jobs to make ends meet.Lazy attitude closes one mind and destiny to good life.

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I have to agree. By being lazy we get things a little late. And that can be surely bad. You can see that people have those sort of reservation about the life. And they remain lazy. And this can be avoided. I think people have to constantly work on small things. And then that is going to help a lot when it comes to earning money. Be it online business or offline you have to be seriously working hard. As that is the thing that may make you money.

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I have been scammed many times by paying for subscriptions and ebooks that said how to make $100 a day or $5000 per month for that matter. These subscriptions and ebooks gave me information that was already available for free. That was during the initial days of my online freelancing.
No one can teach you how to make $10,00 in a mont. You will have to learn by yourself, the system they are promoting for you to make 10,000 may not work. For instance, many people say that you can make tons of money through affiliate marketing, however, I make just about $10-$20 in a month from affiliate sales. Youn will have to find out what works and what doesn't

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You hit it on the nail when you said you cannot be lazy. In any kind of job or endeavor, you need to work and be serious with your effort. What kind of a businessman is a lazy person? For sure, we cannot find a successful businessman who just sits on his butt all day. You mind should be grinding continuously for ways and means to make your business gain progress and you also have to spend your energy in moving to make the progress a reality.

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