Give Google more content and less backlinks

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Give Google more content and less backlinks

We all know that both content and backlinks are great for increasing your rankings within Google, but have you really thought about what you need more of?  We all know that if you build high quality backlinks you will increase your rankings, but you need quality content in order to rank for specific keywords.  So is this like a "What came first, the chicken or the egg?" situation?  Not really!  Writing content is something that isn't the easiest thing to do, but you can publish 10,000,000 words overnight and not get any sort of penalty as long as all your content is seen as unique.  If you build just 10,000 backlinks overnight, you'll likely see some sort of penalty and you might as well start all over with a new domain lol.

Websites that have massive amounts of content always outrank, and outsell, their competitors who rely solely on PPC ads to bring in traffic.  This is because a website that has a lot of content is likely getting plenty of free traffic from the search engines.  Sure, you can build up a quality backlink profile, but how long do you think that will take?  I usually tell people to work on their backlinks, then write content as long as you can until your hands hurt, then look for more backlinks lol Give Google more content and less backlinks

It's not just Google either, every search engine loves content and will rank you better for it.  Google is the most advanced search engine that people target because it has the predominant market share, but the smaller search engines sometimes rank you solely for what you have written!  Content brings people in, keeps them reading, and can encourage them to buy.

Below I've written up a few reasons you should focus on your content more than your backlinks, and they are:

Google loves content, so write it for them!
Google wants to see a lot of quality content so they can show their visitors looking for such content.  If you're writing up more content, and focusing less on your backlinks, you will see that Google will send you a decent amount of traffic over time.  I'm not saying that you should only be writing content and never build a single backlink, I'm saying that you need to focus on your content now and worry about backlinks over time.  The amount of high quality backlinks for your website are limited due to you now needing niche specific links aimed at your website.  Your content on the other hand isn't limited because you can write up 100 different articles about the same topic and get traffic from a lot of them throughout the lot through all the various search engines.  Sure, one article will rank in Google, but the algorithm on Yahoo! and Bing might like different articles and rank those instead.

Backlinks come naturally
If you're writing up great content, and marketing your website, you will naturally acquire backlinks over time due to people starting to talk about you.  You could do this, but it will look fabricated due to you asking "Has anyone ever heard about  They're amazing!" lol Give Google more content and less backlinks

The search engines want to see natural backlink profiles, which means you won't be getting 1,000 profile backlinks aimed at your homepage over night.  You'll be building quality backlinks over time, due to the content going viral or you pushing it through PPC platforms such as Adwords or Facebook ads. 

And think about it, you can always outsource the backlink building to a credible company, but your content might need to be written in a specific way that only you can do Give Google more content and less backlinks

Stop forcing your rankings
Every day I hear someone complaining about a backlink service that ruined their rankings, but I laugh because the person didn't have to purchase the service in the first place lol.  The buyer complains about the decrease in rankings, but they usually don't understand fully what they're buying, and the seller has to complete everything they offer or most sellers will complain about incomplete work.  You need to know what you're doing if you are purchasing SEO services for your website, and the same can be said about your content.  If you don't know what you're writing, people will notice and so will Google, and you won't see much in terms of return traffic or increased rankings.

When you're always building backlinks, you're just trying to force your rankings to the top, and Google will notice what you're doing if you do even the slightest thing wrong.  Writing your content only has one rule, don't keyword stuff, and you'll be fine.  Even if you were keyword stuffing, and later figure out you need to fix it, you can just go edit your content and everything will be better.  With backlinking, if you mess it up, it will take months of work to remove all the negative links.  You can use the disavow tool, but who knows how much Google will appreciate you devaluing hundreds of thousands of links overnight.  Sure, it's a tool to disavow backlinks, but are they really going to boost you to where you deserve to be if you hadn't built all those pointless backlinks in the beginning?  Probably not, so focus on your content and less on increasing your rankings by purchasing backlink services.

Your readers can't share your backlinks
Yes, people can share your posts on 3rd party websites, and they will share your links if they are there.  The reader wouldn't have wanted to share the page at all if you didn't write up some great content through Give Google more content and less backlinks  People share your content, not your backlinks, so focus more on writing up amazing content and less on building up your backlink profile.  Your link profile will need to be built over time since quality will always trump quantity, so focus on your content ever single day and work on your high quality backlinks for maybe an hour out of every day.  If you're getting a few high quality backlinks each day while publishing 10,000+ words of content to your website, you will see a massive increase in rankings.

In conclusion
I'm not saying that you need to focus on your content 100% of the time and never build a link for yourself.  I'm saying that you will need to focus more on your content and less on your actual link building becuase there really isn't enough time in the week to fill with backlink building, unless you're targeting garbage links from forum profiles lol.  So, write up amazing content and publish it to your blog or website, and when you hit that 10,000 word mark you can now search for some great places to put backlinks. 

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I think this article will put to bed those that are of the opinion that more contents ain't that great when we are talking about Google ranking. I mean that it is contents that matter most when we want to rank higher at the end.

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I agree with this and great advice as usual. I think these days you can rely a lot more on people just sharing your link anyway so just giving out lots of great content can sometimes make you popular enough already without even having to rely too much on getting searched, and because of this your rank will probably just go up naturally anyway. I guess back then it was the other way around but these days times have changed and you really have to be observant and notice it or else you will get left behind being stuck in the old ways trying to cope and keep up with the new way of doing things.

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I think content judging is being done on google side. And they seem to be having the human moderators on some sites rating. So it can be possible that they are not much looking for the backlinks. And that is something we have to consider when we are thinking about the content. I guess we can easily see that some of the times google content grading is more powerful than backlink. So it depends on how that goes most of the time for ranking per month.

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I learned about this when I was looking so ways to improve my blog and draw Google to my site,I realize that a site would rank better with good contents and traffic stats.All we need do is to give great medium posts or articles to drive Google bots crawling the site and indexing it rapidly.Backlinks are not really needed by Google but by us website owners.

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Yes, once again content rules. I think good content is most of the battle actually. I think that if you are concentrating elsewhere you may want to consider making your content good first before getting into other areas.

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If the readers love your article, Google will also love the article. A reader will always love the article that is well written, unique and interesting and contains information. These types of articles are also loved by Google. When you lure readers, you will automatically lure Google. Content is king and your content must provide information that is not found elsewhere. Unique content has the higher chances of ranking on top search results.

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I love being online because everything is so dynamic. A couple of years ago we were always told that the number one way to get any traction of Google ranking your site is to get back links. Many freelancers have made thousands from this statement, by providing their back linking services. Now in all the forums and blogs I visit on SEO they advise that back links are out and content is in. How true that content is king. To avoid all the drama on SEO the trick is to have stellar content always.

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Maybe I get confused with backlinks because I am more on the content. You are right to say that backlinks cannot be read by your readers and if our site is made for the readers then the content should be palatable to the eyes of the readers. I believe that search engines are also after good contents that when we upload regularly then the site will have a good ranking as an effect of the good contents.

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In My Point of View, this Title Tells the full story of the Article 'Give Google more content and less backlinks'
So the Every Digital Marketer well know about the 'content is king' but the time when posting content in the Google, content+relevancy both of them important to do content marketing and ranking.

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