Just because a keyword has a lot of searches, doesn't mean you should be targeting it

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Just because a keyword has a lot of searches, doesn't mean you should be targeting it

When people get into website design, SEO and marketing they will always search what the best keywords are for their website, and those are usually the ones that have the most searches within Google every month. People tend to target these keywords right away because the more searches per month mean the more you could potentially make. This is great and all, but you'll soon hit the realization that these keywords tend to be extremely difficult to rank for and your efforts probably would have been better spent on multiple low trafficked keywords that you could have ranked for in a month or two.

Just because a keyword has a lot of searches, doesn

Targeting high trafficked keywords isn't a bad idea, don't get me wrong, I'm just saying that they shouldn't be your main target when it comes to rankings. If you do end up ranking for these difficult keywords, that's awesome, but by the time you rank for those keywords you could have been ranked for dozens even hundreds of other keywords that might have sent you, even more, traffic and sales.

Some people might come to this discussion and say something along the lines of "You don't know what you're talking about, I rank for all my difficult keywords!" and that's great! But I doubt they all get 300,000+ searches per month and took you years to achieve top rankings lol. Most marketers know that you should target the low hanging fruit in order to get the initial traffic and sales in, so you can then bootstrap your profits in order to push your website even further up the totem pole Just because a keyword has a lot of searches, doesn

If you haven't figured it out yet, this discussion will cover keyword targeting and why your top trafficked keywords might not be the best idea to target right away.

People value total keyword searches too highly
Everywhere I go online, there's always someone spewing about how their main keyword gets XXX,XXX searches per month. What they never tell you is that they rank on page 96 for that keyword and aren't getting seen even by accident lol. People boast their top searched keywords like they were an expensive car at a car show. They're basically saying "My keyword is more popular, so you should be jealous!" lol.

When I look into a website that I want to set up, I look over my entire dictionary of niche related keywords and see what will be the easiest to rank for right away and what will take months or years to see any results. My easier keywords will always have under 10k searches a month, and I'll tend to start off with the keywords that get 1k or fewer searches per month. I do this because these keywords are my low hanging fruit and tend to have less difficulty than the rest of the list. Sure, they don't get a ton of searches, but I can rank for 100 of these in a month and that's equivalent to being ranked for a 100k searched keyword. The difference is that a 100k searched keyword could take you a couple years to see any rankings on the first page, but my 100 low traffic keywords are ranked in a month or two Just because a keyword has a lot of searches, doesn

Keyword difficulty means it takes longer to make money
When you are targeting your high searched keywords, it simply means it will take a much longer time to be ranked, and make money. Sure, you could rank for these types of keywords and make $1,000+ per day, but how much time do you have to invest into getting there and it's not even a guarantee that you will achieve top rankings?

Investing this amount of time to rank for 1 keyword might be good because you can rank for others on your journey, but I still think it's better to target less trafficked keywords and your top searched ones should be secondary.

How many people do you think are trying to rank for these keywords? If they're super difficult to rank for, I'm sure there are plenty of corporations hiring dedicated SEO teams to rank them on top for these keywords. This means you'll be battling top-tier SEO's and that means your probability of success is pretty low.

Targetting 10 low trafficked keywords could be better than 1 difficult keyword
Many people target their main keywords because of the search volume, but what if I told you that it's better to target 10 lesser keywords? I say this because you could spend less time and effort in your SEO campaign by targeting say 10 keywords with 10k searches each month. Now, these are considered medium difficulty keywords so they could take a little longer, maybe 3 months, to rank for.

The beauty of this is that you can sometimes find a diamond among these level keywords. You can be targeting these 10k keywords and you might jump to page 1 for a couple right away. This means that not many of your competitors are actually doing SEO for these keywords, and now you benefit!

This doesn't happen all the time, usually, a 10k keyword will take some time to rank for simply because your competition has authority over you. But every once in a while you will see your website jump for these kinds of keywords and you will start making money sooner than your more difficult keywords Just because a keyword has a lot of searches, doesn

More work is involved, and you might not be successful
Working to rank for your top tier keywords is a good idea as long as you have a steady income and don't have to rely on the website you're currently working on to make money. You can always set up a big website, add loads of content and do everything right, but it will take time to rank for your main short-tailed keywords.

Even if you invest all of your time, money and skills into ranking for your top tier keywords, there's no guarantee that you will rank #1 for them. Hell, you might not even see page 2 or 3 with all of your efforts. There have been plenty of people who just do the "Go Big or Go Home" method, and they usually have to Go Home lol. You need to play it smart when it comes to keyword targeting and get your easier keywords ranked first while still targeting your difficult keywords, but not relying on them to rank right away.

In Conclusion
I'm not trying to discourage you, I actually want to encourage you to target the right keywords instead of submitting all of your time on keywords that you might not rank for quick enough. People always need money, so if you're relying on these main keywords to rank, you might want to change gears and target something else. You can rank for hundreds of keywords before your main one, as long as you're targeting them and optimizing the right way. Get to work, be smart about it and profit from the low hanging fruit all while you target your main keywords at the same time in hopes to rank for them next year Just because a keyword has a lot of searches, doesn

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This discussion will definitely help many people out in the course of selecting the right keywords for getting ranked on Google and other search engines. I have come to realize this helpful fact already while I was receiving training as an affiliate. I got to realize that the overall searches should just be above 30 in number or a bit higher, the Quoted Search Results (QSR) should be a bit lower than 100 while the other basic rules must be sheepishly followed to get ranked soonest.

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My take in the ranking is 20 and above because I am basing it on my experience when I do a search. I only read the top 10 although sometimes I go to the extent of checking on the lower ranks. But after reaching the 20th entry I tend to exit and do another search with a variation on the keyword because I don’t think that the next pages of the search list could give me a relevant link.

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This is quite an informative article. I bet a lot of people will learn a great deal from it. I like this part;
Many people target their main keywords because of the search volume, but what if I told you that it's better to target 10 lesser keywords?
I prefer to have steady traffic with few keywords and still be relevant in the long run than have just one main keyword which might wane in the course of time and become obsolete. Not everyone goes through the hazzle of checking the other pages of the search result after making a search query. We are using interested in the website we see on the first page of our search.

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Nice share, I'm among those that target long keywords with high volume of searches well,I read that this will help one rank better on search engine.

Thanks for the re-_orientation I will try this your method. Which ever is better I will stick to it.

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Think about this: less is more. I think this (at least in my point of view) is the way you should go to get better - and more meaningful - results (not only on this subject, but on life as a whole).

Good luck with the changes you intend to make. Just because a keyword has a lot of searches, doesn

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I think key here is to understand that. Medium keyword searches are good. And it can be good enough for the amount of searches being made. I have tried to make use of the keywords which are small and they seem to be bringing a lot of traffic. So this is more or less experimentation. It works better that way.

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I like this post a lot. I think the idea about marketing the ten key words over focusing on trying to figure out the "best" most optimizable keyword is a very interesting perspective here. Those 10K words could really pay off, especially if they end up accidentally, or on purpose, in the right sequence or the right time. Things are always trending in new and interesting ways, and you might find that some of these keywords end up surprising you in funny ways. Purposefully putting together content around key words feels clunky for me anyway, and, as a writer and blogger, I have to be a bit more organic and natural in my approach so that I don't get burned out or feel "fake".

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I think it is definitely a mistake that a lot of people make because it's an easy mistake to make. Like you said, it's a lot better to just target a keyword that doesn't have too many searches because of how easy it is to rank much higher for that keyword. The time that you would need to invest to get your site ranked high for a highly searched keyword is just not worth it because you could be losing a lot of interest in your site whilst you try to get ranked higher.

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The main function of a keywork is to have a direct connection to what you are writing so that readers are connected to your work in a faster way, giving them a more satisfactory reading experience.

So, I really think anything contrary to this is waste of time because what works for others may obviously not work for you.

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The number for the amount of searches is important, as you cannot know the conversion rate from the get-go, and you'll have to assume that you need quantity over quality. You just have to make sure that the competition otherwise is something you can tackle, or if you should aim for less competitive keywords.

Always make sure to do thorough research before starting the work!

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I think there are plenty of keywords to target and reach people too. But the thing is that not a lot of keywords are going to bring any specific results. So we have to consider what are some of the things possible in that context. Some people make sure that keywords add more flexibility with the content. And in short time this does help for getting traffic. But not every keyword is buyer keyword. And that's something we have to understand as well.

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I think what you say makes sense and is important. I think that the keywords that work the best for us, whether they are high target keywords, low target or somewhere in between is what we should be using. This is important for our overall effort.

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These are great tips, thanks for sharing them. I'm actually going to have to put this into practice soon so I'm glad I was able to read your article now because I'll probably fall into the same trap of wanting to compete with others for high traffic keywords whereas as you've mentioned, it might be just as or even more effective to just focus more on the low traffic ones instead. I guess with these types of things it's also good to use a bit of intuition as it won't always be best to follow the rule book or what has been said literally when sometimes doing something alternative might turn out better.

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You're right. Most of the highly searched keywords would be very difficult to rank. It's better to start out small rather than target something big outright.

When you say target low traffic keywords, what are these actually? How many searches must they have in a month to be considered as a low traffic keywords? Also, are you referring to long tail keywords?

Again, as always, you've provided us with very useful information. And I would like to request for a followup post. Please include a post teaching us on how to perform keyword research. Just because a keyword has a lot of searches, doesn

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The mystery of keywords I have yet to unlock, but I always read an article or discussion whenever I see one. That's why I came over to read this one. One of these days it's all going to come together in my head.

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In order to succeed as an online entrepreneur, you will have to focus on keywords that have less competition. generally speaking, keywords that have high search hits have high competition. You should target a keyword that gets 500-5000 search hits in a month. If you target keywords that get less than 500 hits, you are not getting good traffic, If you use keywords that get more than 5000 search hits, the competition is so tough that you will not get traffic.

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To be honest with keywords, I still don’t get the hang of it. I wonder why sometimes I forget what exactly a keyword is although I know it is instrumental in the ratings game of the SEO. And if the keywords are correct, your website tends to get more hits than when you have inappropriate keywords. Nevertheless, keywords or no keywords at all, perhaps a website owner has to jot down the most appropriate keywords for the niche.

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