10 ideas for choosing the right domain

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10 ideas for choosing the right domain

Nowadays we got a huge range of possibilities when it comes to choosing a domain address. The future domain will be the online central piece of your business so it definitely needed you fullest attention in choosing both the domain name but also the domain type. 
10 ideas for choosing the right domain
Curreny recognized top-level domains:

  • 1544 TLDs in the root zone in total
  • 1403 TLDs are signed;
  • 1396 TLDs have trust anchors published as DS records in the root zone;
  • 5 TLDs have trust anchors published in the ISC DLV Repository.
So in essence, you have a lot of options, let's put things into perspective and help you decide the best domain for your online business:
1. Keywords are important. 

Having keywords in your domain name is still important even though some voices have claimed over the years that keywords stopped playing an important role in a domain name. Truth is that for most businesses out there, keywords are important and if you can integrate one into your domain name without making it too ridiculous, do it! 

These keywords don't really need to directly reflect your business niche but you do need to start somewhere so making a list of keywords may be a start. Try adding suffixes and prefixes to those keywords and figure out which sounds better. 

2. Your domain name needs to be unique. 

Don't copy other businesses and certainly don't copy the competition. You need to stand out and you need to be genuine, choose a domain name that is different, I'm not saying go in the exact opposite direction, I'm just saying it needs to be unique in some way.

3. In my opinion, .com's are still the best TLDs to have. 

If the content on the website is in English then you have no reason to choose anything else but a .com. On the long run, the .com is the best kind of domain you want to have, even if it's more difficult to find a catchy name, I assure you that there are plenty of .com's good names out there, you just need to find them. Also, even if Google doesn't want to admit it, .com's are still valued more in search engine results compared with .org's for example or .co.

4. Users need to be able to write it directly in the addresses bar. 

The name needs to be simple enough so that users can type it directly in the address bar after hearing it once. If you fail at this and users aren't able to properly type it correctly in the browser's address bar it means you have chosen a complex domain name and my advice is to search for another one. 

5. Make it catchy.

Your domain name needs to be catchy and easy to remember. As I said in the previous tip, it needs to be simple and memorable enough so people can type it in their browser. You can help with this by also giving it a catchy aspect that people will remember and enjoy. 

6. It needs to be short enough. 

The shorter the domain name the easier is to remember. It also saves up space inside search engines, doesn't forget Google loves short URLs. So yeah, keep it small and don't go over a combination of two words. Any domain name that is composed of more than three words is just ridiculous. 

7. It needs to be niche orientated. 

Just understand this: the domain name must indicate at least partially what the users expect from your website in terms of content. So you may want to stay relative closely to your niche and don't go in a totally different direction without a good reason. 

8. It needs to sound like an actual brand. 

Dose your new domain name sounds like a brand that has been around for a long time? If not, you might want to reconsider your domain name. You want users to take you seriously and you also want to create a brand over time, pick a name that honors all this. 

9. Don't copy anyone. 

Don't fall for trends and do not copy the popular competitors. It may not last and nobody likes a copy in the end. Trends come and go, what happens with your domain name when a certain trend is dead and buried? 

10. Use tools. 

Try using tools like or - both can help you pick up domain names or at least help you with an idea for a domain name that you can refine and make it your own. 
10 ideas for choosing the right domain


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I heard that domain name should be dot com or dot org, shorter domain name with 4 or five characters are better but it is difficult to make up catchy keywords domain name since most of them are taken.

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I agree with you that .com domains are the best. It is because they have existed forever and everybody simply automatically types .com without even fully realizing. However, .com domains are usually also the most expensive ones so it can be quite costly to obtain your chosen one.

When you are trying to choose your domains name aim for something very memorable and easy to type out so you don't confuse people 10 ideas for choosing the right domain

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Are you sure that those long domain names are for real? If you find it in the “for sale” website then it might not be true at all. I remember a lesson from our salesmanship class in college that in order for a product to look good is to place it beside a product that is obviously not good. It is like sitting beside an ugly girl so that you will look beautiful. I hope I am making sense because those long names may just be used for purposes of comparing it to domains with short names.

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Short and catchy are probably the most important things to remember. Most people tend to follow these nowadays but I remember a few years back, people were still buying domains that were extremely long. And this is not good at all because people tend to forget long domain names and if that happens you will have lost a potential customer for your business.

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That isn't just the thing of the past. So many people still buy domains with stupidly long names and try to resell them. Just the other day I was looking what sort of domain names people are currently selling on different platforms and you would be surprised how long half of the names are. It makes no sense to me since short is the best 10 ideas for choosing the right domain

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I have no doubt that the .com domain is the best among the options. It's pretty simple, but it's widely known and easily assimilated for everyone (which obviously are very important points to gain market strength).

Other domains are also good, but .com is the best.

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I think Keywords and choosing a special name for one's domain is going to bring that uniqueness into it. I have seen some guys that copy almost the same domain and just change the extension and I wonder if those guys can't be creative in doing what is different from others.

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The lack of creativity of some people is really impressive. Sometimes I wonder why they just don't pay someone to think for them, I've seen so many badly designed / badly thought out ideas that it becomes a nightmare.

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A domain name should match your niche. A domain name should contain keywords. The first domain I registered was I chose xyz domain because I got it for just 88 cents. Since I was a beginner with a limited budget, I did not want to spend too much money. The domain was for my personal blog, therefore, I decided to have my name (vinaya). I could have used my full name for my personal blog, however, I wanted to sound interesting.
My second domain was I wanted to create a travel blog where I would publish articles on traveling to Nepal. However, any name I could think about was already taken. I was still adamant on having Nepal on the domain, therefore, I created ezinenepal (an ezine about Nepal).

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When I selected my domain. I made sure that the domain has the brand name. And also made sure that the brand name along with the niche matches. So it was kind of difficult decision for me to make use of the keywords. So I just purchased the domain based on the name. You just have to find the domain based on the branding first. If you don't get that then find the names on the niche and keywords. But for website with branding and the micro niche site things are going to be lot different for sure. Each one has different approach.

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Yes, short and catchy and within topic if possible. Sometimes tho it is hard to get the right domain as many are taken. I do try to make few notes of domains which sound interesting to my niche and often get inspiration from other sites. My thoughts is as well would you consider or is it wise to separate words in your domain using - like just for example or would you go for the all together approach.

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I think .com domains are still the best too because if you use the other ones, you run the risk of people just assuming that you are a .com site when they are trying to remember your address. There are a few exceptions, I guess, and if you end up going with some other extension, you probably just need to do heavier marketing so people can really hear or see your name over and over to the point that they are able to remember your address with the correct extension. As for the name itself, I would say that being unique could be good, but also can work against you if it ends up being too strange because it might not be as easily remembered. I know I have forgotten a few domains that had names that were too unique.

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As for me, I would be limited to what can be acquired inexpensively go daddy comes to mind. It is important to get the best domain you can withi limits of your budget, and we all have them.

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The use of .com's is a good idea (in the US and a few other nations). However, though, I have seen sites without them that have decent or even an overwhelming amount of traffic. Anyhow, I think the key to handling these other extensions is to simply emphasize the domain extension in advertising. For instance, should be advertised as the same, not Joe's Auto Shop.

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I think the most important part of choosing a domain name is not to pick one that sounds too much like a competing website. I've seen sites in certain niches who carry domain names that are very similar to their competition within the same topic circle. Very bad idea. While you might be able to avoid a lawsuit, it also shows your lack of creativity and fans of the competing site, will just see you as someone trying to glom onto someone else's already established success.

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In choosing the right domain for your website, you have to consider some criteria. The best top level domain (TLD) is the .com domain, though there are other types of domains that can be chosen such as .org domain, .net domain and so on. In getting ranked fast in Google and other search engines, it's far better to choose a .com domain than other types. The .com domain is a proven type of domain while other types are not that proven.

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I really don't agree with this point because I am ranking good with other domain extensions out of .com domain names.

If you have a good website and do SEO standard for them then you will get good rankings.

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If the content is not all that good, it won't really matter what your domain name is. And, I've purchased many domain names over the years and almost instantly regretted the decision as soon as the buy button was clicked. So much hard work goes into a good website. Though domain name is important, it's probably one of the lesser deciding factors on a website/blog's success.

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Being unique for your domain name is a given because you cannot use a duplicate domain name. What I prefer is a domain name that is unique in a sense that it has no duplicate word in the dictionary. However, no matter how unique the domain name is, it should be easily readable and easy to pronounce. This reminds me of one mixed martial arts fighter with the name Jedrzedzcyk, it would be foolish to use that for the domain name because it is like a cryptogram.

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The online shopping platform like Alibara will be in Bangladesh

In fact, the revolution comes in Bangladesh in early 2010 through online buying & selling. This time, kroy-bikroy, clickdhaka, bdcost started serving in a limited range. The company, who has come to give online service they had trouble to gain customer confidence. They had to struggle a lot.

In the year 2011,, ajkerdeal & has come in the markets by giving a limited service among the few companies, but in 2013 many new companies started to sit on the buzz. With the increase in the number of companies, also increase the number of subscribers and a large marketplace was created.

In 2013, some foreign companies like Lamudi, Karmudi started business in Bangladesh. Then, the market gets fulfill completely. Then gradually decrease the doubtless which was established in customer mind.

Extensive expansion happened in the period from 2013 to 2017. A survey of shows that till 2017, there are 1500 inline shopping sites in BnagladeshThe market get authentic fulfillment with the formation of e-cab under the leadership of Razib Ahmed in 2014. has published the survey results of the 858 online shopping site. This survey is conducted by domain creation date. It has been found that the number of shopping sites comes in the year 2015 is 246.In relative very lower scale of domain in comes in 2017. The reason why young people are not coming this market. Are they are thinking more before come or losing interest?

Serial Year New Domain Notable few names
1 2010 22 Kroy-bikroy, clickdhaka, bdcost, phore etc
2 2011 35 iferi, bdbazar24, bazarsodai, ajkerdeal, bikroy, bdstore24, rokomari etc
3 2012 75 nokro, sindabad, gadgetgang7, akmatro, kiksha,punoh, tzonebd, priyoshop etc
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6 2015 246 Buymobile, ghoori, quickbuy, okbazaar, jhuree, othoba, stylebud etc
7 2016 134 ebuy71, vendbd, ashopbd, vitahc, oviruchi, voktabazar, zaarat, zhury etc
8 2017 53 Ponnobd, fabrilife, extraay, kepzone, fastbikri,, shopnobari, muthoshop etc
9 2018 18 Shodaibd, redshopbd, amybuy etc
There are 1500 inline shopping sites in the country, but most are not comes on lime light. Of these, only 1000 have maintained their order. The rate at which the online shopping site started to come, it started halting. It is true that despite the fact that 500 number of the online shopping entrepreneurs have closed their objectionable sites or they have withdrawn their business. The biggest shock comes when announces to stop their chronology. No matter how difficult it is to be optimistic, where is the fault of where it will be created in Bangladesh, such as Amazon and Alibaba platforms

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