5 ideas to develop content for Facebook live and make money

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5 ideas to develop content for Facebook live and make money

If you're like me, you saw the Facebook Live feature and thought "How can I make some money off of this?".  If that's what you thought, you're in the same boat as most online marketers, so don't worry lol.  Live video is a hot trend right now and we will never know if it's going to fade away or keep gaining ground on other marketing methods, but time will tell I guess.  There are various platforms that you can do live videos, not just Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, even through those are the three major ones as of right now.

If you've been on your Facebook profile in the last 6 months, you've most likely gotten some notifications that someone has "gone live".  You click on the notification and can see what's happening in real time with that person.  The live feature has become so popular that roughly 20% of the videos on Facebook are now live streams.  Crazy right?  They launch a new service and it's already starting to take over as the primary video source.

Before I get into how you can make money with Facebook live, lets go through a quick list of what you'll need prior to going live and making it work for you:

  1. A smart phone, desktop, laptop or tablet with a decent camera.
  2. Your device needs to have a good microphone on it.  The better the sound quality, the better chances people will stick around to watch your video.
  3. The pages manager app from Facebook.  You won't need this if you're just using your personal profile.
  4. A quick guide that shows you exactly how to go live on Facebook (it's not difficult)
  5. A personality lol.  No one wants to watch a wet blanket going live, you need so express some emotion in order to pull people in.

Now that you know what you need, and what you need to do prior, here are 5 ideas that will help you create content for Facebook live and actually make some cash off of it.

1. New Product Launches
If you already have a client base, then this idea will work well for you.  Basically all you have to do is send out a mass email using whatever system they've opted into, hopefully you made them opt in, and let them know you'll be launching your new product(s) for first viewing via Facebook live.  You'll need to have  a link to the profile or page where your going to be launching your product just in case they haven't liked or friended you yet.  Remember, they will get a notification that you're going live and if they aren't' following you, they won't know when it's happening.

You can set up a store on your Facebook page and it will convert better since the people are already on Facebook watching your launch.  Another trick for this is to create an exclusive discount for anyone that is viewing, this will increase your sales as well.

2. Publish Product Reviews
Bloggers and social influeners are already doing stuff like this, but not many of them are going live with it.  In the past you would have to do something like an unboxing video on YouTube, but even there, there aren't many people going live to do it.  They're just recording the video, editing it and then uploading it.

As you're talking about the product, or products, you can then link to them in the comments for people to click on.  These could be affiliate links or links to your own website where you're actually a re-seller of the item 5 ideas to develop content for Facebook live and make money

3. Using Facebook live for live auctions
This could get a little tricky because not everyone will want to pay what they're actually saying they will.  I'm not a huge fan of it but I know people who swear by it. 

Basically what you're doing is putting up an item for auction, you'll start the bids low and build it up over the period of the auction, just like a normal auction.  After the final bid goes through, you will then collect the payment from the winner and get their address so you can ship out the item.

You could auction off tons of different items.  You can auction tickets to sporting events that are hard to get, expensive items you purchased at a garage sale for pennies on the dollar, the list goes on lol.

If you have a lot of items, you will want to cycle through them all to show the viewers exactly what you're going to be auctioning off at that moment.  This will increase the amount of viewers who stick around because they might not be interested in your first item, but the second one has them intrigued.

Once you find a winner, you will then message them to continue the conversation.  Collect your money via PayPal or in person and then exchange the item.

4. Hosting A Workshop
We all know what webinars are, and we know they're great at generating leads and sales.  So why wouldn't we be using Facebook live to do the same thing?  I mean come on now, it's a free webinar service lol 5 ideas to develop content for Facebook live and make money

Some legitimate webinar set ups could cost you $1,000's but now we have live streams right from a high tech smart phone that is comparable.  So why aren't many people using this to do workshops?  It's simple, because they don't think of it lol.

Your workshop could be on anything.  You could be doing a How To for web design, a How To for wood working, teaching people various methods to do something, etc.  The options are limitless, and as long as you're giving away free info, people will come back time and time again.

5. Get Advertisers/Sponsors
If you already have a large following on Facebook, you can easily get people to pay you for a simple link within the stream.  You'll need to contact related companies that your followers would like to see because that means there is a higher chance for a sale when you post the link. 

You can even take it one step further and just talk about a product that the sponsor has.  You will basically be reviewing the product because the manufacturer is paying you to do so.  They might even let you post an affiliate link, but that's doubtful. 

In Conclusion:
There are many ways to take advantage of live streaming services like Facebook Live, Instagram and Snapchat.  You just need to work out the bugs and be diligent when it comes to something like this because it does take time to perfect it 5 ideas to develop content for Facebook live and make money

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I am a huge fan of periscope. I have seen most of the internet marketers making use of that. Though there is not much interesting stuff like facebook live on it. Because the type of the content being hosted is not always that attractive. However after instagram and the facebook live has started. I think it'd be reasonable to check out some of such shows as well. I think for each one of us it's a good product for reaching the audience for live content.

I have not much tried the facebook live due to the OBS not working on my desktop. But I heard that in future facebook live would be through app. So that is something I am looking forward to for the live streaming.

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I have many friends who are using Facebook live but mostly for personal purpose only. I still cannot see the Facebook Live being used for business unless it can be like a podcast to connect to the clients. But if you say that Facebook Live is getting popular then probably some are already using it for business and that is what we should know. We do not want to be left behind by the bandwagon.

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When facebook creator becomes open for all. I think many people would use it for streaming their life and other stuff. I think it'd be making many people money in due process. But still it seems like a good option in near future. yet to beat the YouTube. I don't think Facebook is generous in that case.

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I feel like these ideas could only really work for people will a lot of friends (2000+) or business pages. I know that a lot of pages that I follow actually go live but they don't really do anything to make money out of it. It's more as a way to increase the interaction between the followers and the brand and to maybe try to promote the brand a bit more. Other than that, I haven't seen anyone try to sell anything in particular.

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It might work if you have a lot of followers. I don't think that most of these ideas will work for too many people. Just like youtube, there is apt to be so much competition that it could take quite sometime to get the traffic and views that you need. It is just one of the options that you could use to increase interaction between website visitors and your blog or website.

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I never thought about using Facebook to use these tips (even because I had never thought of any of them... although I am already aware of some, haha), it was always basically for personal entertainment. But I think this will change very soon.

By the way, you always bring very good tips. Thanks.

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Razzy always dishing out amazing tips on how to improve our experience with the Facebook social media network. I agree with you on this, but it is important to point out that it would need such business owner to be good at marketing too in order to make an interesting presentation using the Facebook Live.

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I agree, live chats really are a very under utilized marketing tool. I would add that another way to generate interest in your live shows is to offer something enticing to start so you can get recognized and gain followers first which is the more difficult part of these live shows since it's not too easy to gather an audience when you go live. If you offer some seminars or talks for free, then people will start setting up their notifications so they can know the next time you are going live. It's simple but not really all that easy, but I think as long as you are sincere in your efforts to just cultivate your own community then people will ultimately flock to your live feeds.

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Those are some interesting tips. I have a Facebook page for my business but I have never used the Facebook live for it. In fact to be honest I have never even used the Facebook live. Maybe this is something that I can consider as I am planning to launch some new products in the coming month. Maybe this will be a good way to advertise for my product. Thank you.

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I think one should approach Facebook live with caution. There have been some crazy incidents that have occurred on the platform since it's launch. If you're a person who's extremely self conscious or who doesn't want internet fame creeping at your door - you might want to find other ways to make use of this tool.

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I have been seeing testimonial in my chat room about making money using Facebook live but I was yet to figure out how this works.I think you have just made this simple for me. I will research and read more about this to see how I can make money off it.

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One screenwriter has this plan of holding a screenwriting workshop online. It will probably using Facebook live although they are still considering some other means of broadcasting. The draft of curriculum says it will be a weekend workshop of 1 hour for Saturday and another hour for Sunday. I am monitoring their plans because I think it is one good way of using technology especially so that the workshop is about writing. If it pushes through, it will be a pioneering act here.

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