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Quarreling forum owners

There are forums that are owned by several people like in a partnership business or corporation. A forum with several owners is one good way of getting posts regularly since the owners can contribute their time. But in one forum that I know, the owners were divided into 3 factions because of the issue of earnings. And since the arguments were heated and it looked like the situation is irreconcilable, my advice to one owner is to initiate a dissolution so everything can be divided among the owners. Or maybe a group can make a buyout. But it proved to be a complicated matter that it took weeks before the problem was resolved. They closed down the forum. It's a shame because it was a dynamic forum.


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Well,nothing brings problem amongst friends and partners like financial problems.When it comes to money matter,two good friends can become great enemies.

This is why I don't like a partnership,too much cooks spoil the broth, I prefer to start a blog then bring people as moderators than partners.

The problems with humans are that we make a mountain out of a moth hole.Something small would be so magnified by parties involved

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I think such problems happen due to lack of communication. And you have to find out what may work and not work with members. In case of such owners they need to hold some face to face or on audio or chat meeting. And discuss the issues. And they have to handle the process. That can be good enough for them to manage members. By dividing and having different communication, this can affect the growth of the forum. I personally think that forum owners need to manage this on their own in that case.

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That is why I've also said on your other post that multiple forum owners is not a good idea. Not just from the business perspective but also for the reasons you've listed. It's a bad idea to have so many partners because some sort of errors in communications are bound to happen sooner or later. And when they do, is when the forum will suffer and in most cases shut down. My favorite way is the sole owner and some lower ranked staff with fewer privileges and power than you. That way you can maintain control and avoid these fights.

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I think that owning a forum is similar to a business partnership. Owners and partners in a business don't always get along either and it is difficult when you have competing ideas. Oftentimes in a business partnership, people will go their on ways and create an offshoot of the business or store under a different name, and I predict that will happen with some of the forum owners as well.

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It is quite sad to see nice forums closing down but sometimes the situation gets out of hand and this seems to be the only option. I am sure that those forum owners tried to resolve their differences but couldn't. Sometimes partnership may work and at other time it fails. I think it is better not take any risk and it is preferable for a forum to have a single owner.

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This is exactly what i have been talking about in one thread here, about the dangers of partnering your forums with people because at some point in time, a lodger head will kick in. it happens in almost everywhere where money or power is involved, just like politics and it is quite sad that the forum was dynamic and promising, but the measuring dick guys, couldn't put their differences aside and iron things out for the progress of the forum.
And i think it will haunt them soon. I will always advice people when creating your forum, make sure you do it for self, and then employ the people you like as mods, it will save you a lot of head ache

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Owners quarreling on minor problems isn't a healthy partnership. It would only make it worst. Specially when it's about revenues and earnings. There'll be quarrel for sure specially when it comes to who has done more work than the other, etc. That is the problem of having multiple forum owners or partners. Better to have mods instead so you can monitor them and at the same time, they can't also have any power to abuse.

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There is nothing worse than being part of a community where there are multiple forum owners and a few of them are quarrelling. It just makes the community look bad and it just puts you off. Personally, if I ever saw this then I would go off the forum straight away because it just seems awful. No one wants to be part of a forum where the staff can't even get along with each other.

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We have to be careful about partnerships. This type of venture seems to be a regular sore point because in many instances there may be one or all that is in the mix who may try to assert their dominance as it was a sole owner entity and it happens very often that this situation may cause an upheaval which breeds disunity and business failure.

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I think this is true for any business or project that is done with multiple bosses. The ground rules for the leaders should be set and made clear from the start so there wouldn't be any confusion down the line. I think most disagreements stem from a lack of structure and foundation or vision. If everything is clear from the start then everyone will know their place and duties. Of course there can be unforeseen problems that arise, but even with that type of problem, a strong foundation usually helps out a lot in finding a solution for that.

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When it comes to co-owning a blog or forum. The idea initially sounds nice. However, it needs to be really considered before making that decision. This is your partner, their mind now plays 50% to the overall outcome of the blog/forum. Because of that, I only recommend having like-minded partners to help start and/or run your website. Keep in mind you don't need a lot of people. Just one or two individuals with similar thought patterns and ideas as yourself. Also, it should be clear from the beginning how profits will be split up between the partners involved. That way, there's no confusion later down the line.

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That's why the old saying is there are too many hens in the hens house. There is always going to be problems when ever you have more than 1 person making the decisions. That's why as a forum owner myself I am never going to have partners. If my website ever gets to busy for me to handle I will add moderators and that's as far as I am going to go. And if it ever gets bigger than that I will sell it and walk away and make a new forum.

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I think the issue of earnings is as a result of one forum owner feeling they contributed more and that they deserve more. I think it is okay for a forum to have many owners because there will be a guarantee that the forum will be running for a long time. I think a contract should be signed to help keep matters strictly professional.

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After reading the first couple of sentences, I thought that they are acting to gain some more popularity, LOL.

What do you mean by a dynamic forum?

If you think the forum was attracting a great number of visitors, why not open one of your own and fill in the vacuum created.

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