Difference between google analytics aquisition and audience

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Difference between google analytics aquisition and audience

I am new in Google Analytics, Please guide me the difference between google analytics

acquisition and audience.


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Well, it's really important to setup the Google Analytics on your website. because the Acquisition reports provide a window into your visitors' Acquisition-Behavior-Conversion (ABC) cycle.
And Google Analytics recently updated its layout. And added a child item which is “Acquisition” — which contains data
on how a site acquires customers, whether through ecommerce, lead generation, or fund raising efforts.While the definition of acquisition may vary between individuals, i think the premise is that a site has engaged a visitor, and caused him or her to
take an important action.
Which can also be know be splinted between Overview and Channels, "Overview” which is the high-level assessment of how your website is performing when it comes to gaining customers. Two key metrics are “Bounce Rate”
and “Goal Conversion Rate.”
For the audience i don't have much idea of that, but i think, they are the same, or have almost the same functionality.
"Channels" contain data that is similar to Overview, but with a more detail. for those interested in examining Sales, versus Leads, versus other non-revenue generating Goals,
And the Google Audience reports provide insight into characteristics of your users. e.g Network Mobile Devices.

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