Websites getting suspended in adwords for odd reasons

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Websites getting suspended in adwords for odd reasons

Now I'm sure a lot of you know what Google Adwords is, but did you know that they will ban your website for almost anything and it could be a super simple fix?  Earlier this week I launched a new website and I instantly put it on adwords so I could make a few additional sales right off the bat, but after a day of advertising I noticed that my traffic dropped to almost nothing.  I looked at my Adwords account and noticed that the domain I was advertising had been suspended for unethical and misleading reasons.  So what did I do to get Google so upset with my website?  I simply linked to a HuffingtonPost article about my website and used the HuffPost logo as a hyper link on my page.  I guess this is a big NO NO when it comes to advertising on Adwords, even though a ton of the big corporations will do the same thing.  I mean, it's not like I was just using logos for no reason, I was actually using them as links to content about my own website lol.

So after fixing that little "mistake" I then got in contact with someone at Google because again, my website was still suspended for misleading and unethical reasons.  I quickly found out that they don't want to see anything related to social media or memberships being sold through a website.  Even through I didn't mention anything about a specific social media platform, I was still under suspension for saying "Social Media Shares" as a part of our service.  So I removed that as well and resubmitted my website for review, as well as for them to review my ads just to be super sure I wasn't going to be suspended again.

P.S. I didn't sell any type of memberships on my website, so I'm not sure what they were referring to Websites getting suspended in adwords for odd reasons

After about 36 hours I got an email saying that my account is now in good standing with Google Adwords and I can continue to use their advertising platform for my website.  I was actually shocked when I got this email because I've read horror stories about websites getting suspended and then the account getting banned entirely.  So I was walking on eggshells and editing any content that could be considered misleading or "unethical" lol.  I was pretty shocked that Adwords responded so quickly, maybe they had pushed my review to the top because I had submitted it twice, maybe they didn't have many submissions during that time or maybe they just increased the team size so they could handle more requests in a shorter period of time.  It's hard to tell lol.

Another reason I thought my domain wasn't going to be granted freedom was because the website was selling SEO and Backlinking services.  Once it was suspended, I didn't think it was coming back at all and I'd have to start from scratch Websites getting suspended in adwords for odd reasons  But luckily I was granted freedom and my ads would start showing in 24 hours after the switch.

Back in the day I heard plenty of horror stories of Adwords just banning accounts because of keyword lists that someone was targeting.  The persons website was pretty plain and didn't have many images, but it had a lot of content (which is what Google is suppose to like, right?).  They added some additional keywords a few weeks after their acceptance in Google Adwords and BAM!  their account was banned for no reason at all.  They skipped the suspension stage, didn't collect $200 and went right to Adwords jail.  I have read a few articles within the last 12 months that states Adwords is more lenient that back in the day when it comes to suspending and banning accounts.  They won't just drop the ban hammer if you mess up because they know everyone isn't fully aware of the policies that Google has when it comes to advertising your website.  I mean, back in the day they were pretty heavy with the hammer and would ban almost anyone they wanted.  They were the judge, jury and executioner so they had ultimate power.  Well, they still have ultimate power but they are nicer to the little guys Websites getting suspended in adwords for odd reasons

Have you ever been on Adwords and gotten banned or suspended for a random reason you didn't think was a problem?

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Google is pretty petty with AdWords, to be honest with you. If you give them the smallest reason to ban your account then they will do it. I wasn't aware that they allow you to appeal bans, to be honest. Even if they ban you for something you haven't done, I thought that that was it, they would not change their minds no matter what. I have never been banned or suspended myself but that's because I didn't really bother with AdWords. It's just not worth it if you have a small site.

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I have checked on Adwords before and I have to agree that it may not be appropriate for small sites. In fact, I don’t think paid advertising of any kind is not for small sites because you may not be able to recoup the expenses that you paid for the advertising. But may I ask what violation can a website commit to be suspended in Adwords? And you say for odd reasons which is quite mysterious.

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Didn't know about AdWords until now, and honestly after reading your experience there is no way I'm going to try it. Those sites that suspend you for almost everything, or are very strict claiming they are a very exclusive site, are way too annoying for me, and I stay away from them. You even tried to solve the issue getting in touch with Google itself, and you saw the answers and result. Thanks for sharing your experience, I'm sorry this happened to you, and this is an example why some sites eventually get lost and dissappear.

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I guess you have to check out if the landing page is as per their specification. Most of the time that could be an issue. And people also have stories adwords didn't approved something because it didn't matched the guidelines. But often that does not seem to be the case. So on that point one has to understand how they can make use of the account for proper traffic driving and the landing page. I guess experimenting is what makes one find out what works. And what doesn't work on adsense.

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Damn. I personally never got banned or suspended with Google AdWords but I read many stories and experiences where people were quite unhappy.

As far as I know, Google is seriously strict with AdWords and the rules surrounding it. If you ever come even close to breaking it or are on the line, they won't hesitate to get rid of you.

I am happy that you somehow got it all resolved though. I will definitely take note and be careful. Thank you for the heads up Websites getting suspended in adwords for odd reasons

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Sometimes you may unknowingly violate the rules of many sites, and then find yourself with a suspend or banned notice. I think it is best to print out a copy of the rules so that you are not uknowingly posting content that they don't want you to post and creating a problem for yourself.

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Wow! These guys are really strict with their policies...

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Google will suspend you for selling any type of blackhat services like selling likes, retweets, follows, backlinks or anything along those lines. These are all tactics which are generally considered unethical in mainstream marketing and SEO.

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Oh, this looks suspension by Google Adwords is very discouraging - suspended for unethical and misleading reasons. It is good that you found out what’s exactly wrong with what you had done. It could have been worse if your account is suspended without giving you a clear reason. Anyway, using a link was the cause so maybe we should be aware of that issue. To be honest, I am quite confused on this issue but this is again a part of my learning process.

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I love Google don't get me wrong, but sometimes it completely gets on my nerves. The thing with Google is its, a big corporation and a kind of monopoly and it does what it feels like doing. It actually does not need you it has lots and lots of people who want to use its services and make money using it. If you have ad words to make money, read the terms and services with a fine tooth comb. I know many people who have woken up one morning and found that their ad words has been banned.

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