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A forum owned by partners

In creating a forum, the primary problem is the lack of posters. If your forum is owned by several people like a partnership or corporation, the forum will not be wanting in posts when the owners can spare time in posting. One local forum was successful in that scheme. The created forum was buzzing with posts upon launching because the 12 owners themselves were doing the posting. In just a week, the forum had gathered more than 50 walk-in members all because of invitations from the founding owners. Compared to a new forum owned by one person, a partnership forum is convenient and has a better chance of succeeding.


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It's a lot more convenient and a lot easier this way. If one partner is unable to post on the forum for a day or two or doesn't have the time to help manage it, then there are other partners that can do this for them. But there are a few problems with this. Firstly, you can't have too many partners because then chances are you will end up having way too many posts from partners and it just wouldn't look nice. Secondly, you may start to have leadership problems. A few partners might agree with one idea whilst others don't like that idea which creates a massive problem and could lead to tension.

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You make some great points here, and you articulate precisely why I have avoided getting partners in my online business ventures. That phrase "too many cooks in the kitchen" comes to mind, and I can see how it would be very easy for things to get out of control with opposing viewpoints between partners. This tension could start to manifest or spill over into the posts, and this would definitely be bad for business as your customers could pick up on the negative energy there.

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Well, it's pure law logic and one of the cosmic rules embedded in the cosmic activities of doing things. the multitude will always be better of course, two is better than one. both most of the successful forums out there ii don't think they are owned by partners or co-operate individuals.
Most of the ones I've been to, are mostly owned by individuals. and if i get to own a forum tomorrow, it will only be run by me, i don't deal with partners, i prefer to work alone, so when the bucks starts coming, i will eat alone. is that simple?... *winks*


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Well,this boil down to what you really want when you want to open a blog or start a forum.Most people just want an independent blog where they
just marshal out their thoughts because if you're walking with partners
then diverse thoughts and action will be brought in.

Partnership is good no doubt but finding someone with your same thoughts and vision
is a bit rare.I will prefer the guest blogging where experts make
inputs where necessary.

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I would advise against going with a lot of partners, because nothing looks worse on a forum then a bunch of admins and moderators creating all the posts on a forum. If you really want to get a forum going take the advice of centurion and join a post exchange and do post exchanges daily.

And also do not forget the number one rule that 99% of new forums are going to fail and they are going to fail no matter how much money you throw at a forum. I know of a guy who spent $40k on paid postings and advertising and his forum got to 150k+ posts and it still failed.

So if your going to make a forum, do it because you love the topic and don't spend any more money then your willing to lose. Because there is no rhyme or reason on what makes a forum take off because if there was everyone would be doing it.

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I am not sure if I'd like having so many partners... the more partners you have it also means that you have lower % ownership. So, let's say that your forum becomes the biggest hit on the internet, you'd always have to share that with all of your partners. Perhaps one partner, sure but more than that doesn't seem good from the financial standpoint and the long run. I think you can get the forum up and running even if you're the sole owner - you can put your friends or somebody else as the staff of the forum to encourage them to post often and so on.

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I will never co-own a forum or website because I will never have full control. I want full control over my website, blogs or forums. However, if I don't have time to manage my forum or blogs, I will consider hiring a manager or moderator. I may pay for the managers/mods, or share revenue depending on how much the site is earning.
I don't want to lose my ownership on forums. I want to have full control, therefore, I will never have a partner.

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I believe in giving credit to the workers. Definitely, I don't want it to be like a band similar to Paul McCartney, not the more egalitarian Wings (Paul McCartney's band), lol. Nonetheless, in many cases, though credit is given to the workers, it's better that one person has full control.

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In just a week, the forum had gathered more than 50 walk-in members all because of invitations from the founding owners.
Sounds so interesting. Do you have any information as to how they managed to get the 50 members? And also, do you happen to know what the forum was all about? Would love to know how they managed to get that many members in just a week. Some new forums who have 3 or 4 admins and some moderators, can't even get their forum to have those amount of members. Were they paying those members to post or it was just purely their own free will or interests?

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That's a great story, and definitely there are some good tips in there. i wonder how much profit they would end up with though since splitting between 12 people doesn't sound too good to me. Unless they had plans on skyrocketing their forum in terms of profits, I don't know how worth it that could be. I suppose it all equals out in the end though since having that much free resource can also be an advantage and definitely would provide an edge over competitors with just one or two owners providing resource.

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While partnership may seem to be good this is not always the case. I was on a particular forum which was owned by three persons but unfortunately after some time they began disputing among themselves and they had to go their separate ways. There are many drawbacks associated with partnership and that's why I prefer to do business on my own.

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I think that too many cooks will likely spoil the broth. Having several partners can slow things down because everyone must be in agreement before implementing a plan. In addition, a forum's profits, if any, may just be good enough for one person. If you have to divide it among multiple partners, each may receive negligible amounts which can demotivate them. I would prefer to request my relatives and friends to post on the forum instead of sharing the site with partners.

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On the contrary, the site can be operating very well if the partners will agree to the delegation of duties. For a forum to prosper, there is one partner who will handle the marketing, one as admin, one as mod, and the rest would be in the ways and means for the site to operate at a profit. But the crux is when a disagreement arises and there comes a polarization of the partners. That will be the start of the end.

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