Weekly Google News - Search Console HTTP Warnings

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Weekly Google News - Search Console HTTP Warnings

This week I've been hit with about 20 simultaneous warnings from Google Search Console letting me know that the non-HTTPS websites I'm managing are at risk and Chrome will show security warnings to its users, letting them know that my websites aren't very safe. 

So this week we got yet another push from Google into forcing website owners to transition to HTTPS and its no joke, Chrome will indeed be updated this year, somewhere in 2017 and those notices will indeed be visible in Chrome for all users when they are browsing classic HTTP version sites. 

Keep in mind I also got Search Console notices for websites that already have HTTPS. If you have both the HTTP and HTTPS version registered in Search Console the non-HTTPS version may get a warning. 

This was the Search Console warning: 
Weekly Google News - Search Console HTTP Warnings

For the ones of you that didn't switch to a HTTPS my advice is to do it as fast as possible or at least before October 2017! Seriously, a HTTPS doesn't cost much and even if you don't want to pay for one you can still get one for free, there are plenty of tutorials out there teaching you how to get a HTTPS for free. 


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I think you need to update your Google chrome browser. Your chrome browser update can solve this trouble. I have been using https website and there have no trouble from my google chrome.


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I think the problem is from the version of your browser or from the add-on exceptions you updated or disabled. Try,updating your browser or you switch moizilla like me.


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I often use Firefox browser and I get an alert about sites that are HTTP versus HTTPS. I appreciate the alert and from that point, I try to exercise caution. But I also consider the fact that some of those sites have “history” and have been around on the web for a while. The site owners need time to make the changes and adjustments. After all, they have had their site for decades and didn't cause any trouble. Unfortunately, cyber security is always a huge issue and we all just need to adapt to protect ourselves. I don't mind the “warnings”. I have learned to live with them just like I learn to live with all the other changes that Google implements. Google is Lord of Tech World. We must bow down! Weekly Google News - Search Console HTTP Warnings

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Getting a SSL cert is free and easy just use "Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open Certificate Authority." And besides today's society is afraid of getting hacked. No one is going to go to a unsecure website. If they get a warning on your website they are going to flee from your website immediately.

P.S. installing a lets encrypt cert takes less than 5 minutes of your time. And is well worth it for your users peace of mind.

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My main blogs use HTTPS, but I have a business site which is used by PHP Script and for some reason doesn't support SSL so I cant use it for this. Which is a downer for me as I like my sites to look great but this is what spoils the look about it especially of many users use chrome.

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Our Chrome browser couldn’t access some of the HTTPS sites that we have to shift to Firefox for that purpose. I am talking about our old desktop that is running on Windows XP. That is our main computer at home and it is working all right with the old software that were installed and most of the sites but as I said there is an issue with Chrome. We tried to upgrade the version of Chrome but it said that it doesn’t support the Windows XP anymore.

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