Building backlinks through directories?

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Building backlinks through directories?

Hello everybody,

I know that high-quality backlinks are extremely important for reaching higher ranks in the search engines. And, yes, I know that the best method is without a doubt through guest posting but I am specifically wondering about the directories. I know that a few years ago they were quite popular for building backlinks but I am not sure how effective they are right now, in 2017.

Is building backlinks through directories currently good for SEO or bad and why?

Thanks for your help. I appreciate it Building backlinks through directories?


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From what I understand building backlinks through directories is acceptable. But it's never really done me much good. Every once in a while I have found other sites using a directory. But I don't usually use a directory to search for websites and blogs. That being said, sometimes when I use the search engine to look for sites, a directory or a directory listing will sometimes pop out in the results. It's usually not my website though. It's always somebody else's. Perhaps you should check the directory's ranking and reputation before deciding whether or not to list your site there. Building backlinks through directories? Building backlinks through directories?

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Yeah, that's a very good point. I just read so many mixed opinions about whether the directories are good or bad for SEO and your website. It's very hard to decide. I guess checking out their reputation and perhaps Google what other people wrote about them is the safest option. Thank you!

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Building backlinks through directories do help in SEO, however, you should always list your website on the high ranking directory. There is no point in leaving your website link in the directory that is poorly ranked.
You should also stay away from excessive backlinking by leaving your links in many directories. You should stick with only a handful of high ranking directories.

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Getting backlinks from directories are OK. I suggest before you submit some link(s) to such directory check their domain authority, trust flow, number of pages indexed by search engines and other things. There is number of free tools available for your browser too, to check these things instantly while you visit their website, then you will easier decide which directory will have priority to submit your link to. I would also suggest to look for aged (older) directories and if possible to get do-follow backlink. Even if they are paid directories with good SEO and SERP ratings, don't hesitate to submit your link for reasonable price!

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Directories seems to be not much working for SEO is concerned. You can see that some of the directories may not always works. You just however can see that article directories are not much working. Also the DMOZ directory is taken down. So it's not there anymore. Many directories eventually die down due to lack of traffic. So new methods needs to be created for the same reason.

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I tried to build backlinks via directories and it is very weak links, I would go with blogging or forum posting intead.
The best way to get quality backlinks are from high authority sites thus if you don't have time, you should go with a paid SEO service.

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Pardon me for asking this question because I seem to have forgotten what a directory is. Let me ask if Reddit and Pinterest are considered social bookmarking directories or maybe I am wrong in my understanding. It looks like directories are losing their popularity against the backlinks that is getting to be the trend with website owner. With the directories, I guess they still can give your site some traffic if you do it well.

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