Making a new ebook; eBook Title: What's Wrong With Us

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Making a new ebook; eBook Title: What's Wrong With Us

So I'm in the works of making a new eBook and am planning on selling it. For a fair price. But I want to know if people on here would like for me to publish it here for sell. And if y'all would like for me to finish the ebook to publish. I wanna get a good amount of comments. If I get them then I will finish and publish this ebook on here.

Lets go with 100 unique comments saying y'all want me to complete and publish the ebook if we can get there then I will.

eBook Title: What's Wrong With Us

Description of ebook:

In a world where not everyone is accepted. In a world where you are always afraid to show your true colors. In a world where you have to hide your true feelings. This is the world we live in. And so this book centers around the lives of 2 innocent kids that are just starting to truly find out what they want in there lives. And what they don't! Will these kids stuck in a school life just starting high school truly be able to get through all these things and problems their experiencing. Or will they be crushed down in all the pressure our society puts on them? You'll have to read it to find out!


Lets see if we can get those 100 comments!


Update if you would like to give me new ideas/events for the ebook please do so in the comments! All ideas will be reviewed and considered wisely!


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You can count my response toward your goal of 100 if you'd like, but I'm just here to offer a little bit of advice. I'm not sure how far along you are on your ebook currently, and I'm not sure whether or not English is your first language, but I strongly recommend having one or two people proof read your work before you publish it, regardless of where you plan on doing so.

Doing this will strengthen the quality of what you have written and make sure you don't lose any readers who may happen to start reading your work. Good luck with your endeavors!

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Yes, just write the book, publish it and see what your readers had to say. I would love to read free ebooks if you could give away a few. I heard that by giving away a few FREE ebooks, let's say first 10 customers, if they like it, they would recommend friends or relatives to buy your ebook. That way you can kill 2 birds with one stone.

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The title and the description both sound great. By the way is it a fiction or a non fiction. I am interested in your book. I am a writer myself and have published books on Amazon.

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The title had me thinking that it is a book that isn't a story. I had the idea that it is a non-fiction book like "Secrets to success" kind of books. The story of your book has great potential and I find it intriguing as I want to see how these 2 kids will be affected with the people nowadays.

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I kind of agree with earlier advice. I suggest you to do some proof reading. Because if you have to get your book to more people. You have to find out if the grammar and other writing mistakes are taken care of. And that way you'd definitely be able to correct the work. That being said, I like the premise of your ebook. And I'd definitely consider having this ebook to read.

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please go ahead with the publication.I love the title already.what's is wrong with us especially my green country.Will love to read our problem and possibly find the solution herein.

I vote for this publication

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Well for starters, I certainly do like the premise of your book. It is definitely a very relatable subject that you've chosen, as so many of us understand what it's like to live with the constant pressure which society puts on us. High School is absolutely no exception either. People may not think High School is a big deal, but I don't think they remember exactly what it was like being a teenager. Maybe not everyone had the same experience, but a lot of people agree that being a teenager in High School was one of the most stressful periods of their lives. Best of luck with your book! I hope it sells well.

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I'm intrigued with the storyline and the synopsis, please release the book already!

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Sounds interesting, the struggles of two high school students. Sounds like me when I'm in high school being timid and hide their feelings. Lol. This kind of book I'm willing to read.

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Yes, I agree with the above comments. I am not sure what you are really wanting from us. For what it's worth, it doesn't necessarily sound like an ebook I would read, but if you have an audience then I say go for it. You never know unless you try.

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Just write the book and publish it on Amazon Kindle.

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To be honest, I am not comfortable in reading e-books although I have come across good e-books with interesting topics. Your e-book looks good at the outset but I have to read the first 2 pages before I can give a comment if it will be interesting to me or not. I get bored when I am reading something that we already know as a general knowledge. An example is what do we do to avoid the winter cold. No matter how you write it, you cannot escape the fact that we already know everything about that topic.

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